10 Travel Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything – 2021 Edition

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Coming up with birthday and Christmas gift ideas for kids who have everything can be a real challenge. Especially if you don’t want to buy something that will be loved for a couple of seconds before it gets buried in your already full toy box.

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We try hard to define birthdays and Christmas in 2021 around the things kids really need or that we can enjoy together. Even better, we want to inspire their love of wanderlust. In this post, I’m sharing some gift ideas I’ve come up with if you want to do the same but are stuck.

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2021 Gift Guide: Ideas for Kids Who Have Everything

1. Adventure story books

You can never get enough books! We have two prime readers in our house, so they discover books to read on their own and for us to share with them. Reading is always more fun when we share stories we can all get into, so travel and adventure books are popular here.

Reading books in the caravan

There are plenty of fun facts and illustrations in A Walk in Paris* by Salvatore Rubino, A Walk in London* and A Walk in New York*—these are charming story books for children under eight.

Here are more books for kids ages 8 and up to inspire a wanderlust and some adventure books to read with younger kids.

2. Experiences

Children doing a high ropes course at a holiday village in Italy

We strongly believe in giving gifts that create happy memories. Theater tickets, a day out *or booking a unique experience* related to a child’s passion or hobbies will put a lasting smile on their face.

How about a festive day out? Here are some of the Christmas events happening across the UK as well as mummering shows.

How much happiness would you bring to your child who has everything if he could spend a day as a zoo keeper*, try out indoor skydiving* or throw himself on an outdoor adventure*?

Of course, experiences are always best when shared. Here is a large list of gift ideas for the whole family.

Read our review of the Buyagift Family Experience box.

3. Travel Activity Books

Child sat at laptop with worksheets, map and passport from Just The Ticket

As I mentioned earlier, you can never have enough books. In addition to fantasy books, travel and destination activity books are the perfect gift for kids who have everything.

Deliberate Travel has a range of action books to help children aged 7 to 12 explore the history, culture, and geography of different destinations from home. They also launched Just The Ticket in time for Christmas 2021.

This year-round series of action books takes children on an educational adventure exploring the history, cultures, peoples, geography, animals, and food of different countries. When you sign up, you get a travel package filled with everything you need for the trip, including your bus ticket!

Tutt was thrilled to receive her travel package, especially the passport and map, and couldn’t wait to try out her first business book in Lapland. This gives you a free taste of what’s to come.

In January, you’ll get postcards from Iceland, followed by Russia, Wales, and 10 other destinations throughout the year. Each card comes with a QR code to start the digital journey.

If you buy Just The Ticket as a gift, it’s available for three months (£24.99), six months (£34.99) and the whole year (£49.99).

Here you can learn more about purchasing a Just The Ticket subscription for your child or as a gift.

4. Wall art or photo book

Tot with MixPix tile pictures on the wall
MixPix Photo Tiles

Almost every room in our house holds memories or mementos from our travels: magnets from different destinations in the kitchen, holiday frames in the hall, pictures and picture books in the lounge, a huge pin map in my office.

Our kids love looking at old photos and chatting about where we are.

We can recommend checking out the My Picture website for wall art books and pictures; big and small. The site is easy to use and the quality of the end result is excellent.

5. Magazine Subscriptions

The cool thing about magazine subscriptions is that they’re not just for Christmas.

The Week Junior, National Geographic Kids and Eco Kids are all great magazines to expand the minds of young travel enthusiasts.

We’ve been on The Week Junior for a year now. It’s a great addition to see the Newsround and current affairs topics our girls at school follow.

6. Headphones

Claire and Toot make Lego while Pepe plays on her tablet

Our girls use JVC headphones* with Amazon Kindles when we travel and with their laptop at home.

They are a lifesaver during long flights and on those days when we were all at home (thanks COVID!). There is only so much The Next Step and My Little Pony that I can do while trying to focus on work!

7. Children’s luggage

I lost count of the imaginary trips kids took when we weren’t actually allowed to travel. They love to pack their bike bags and ride in a fancy plane or go camping in our lounge.

We hope to use it properly again soon.

LittleLife Wheelie Bags Close Up - Luggage for Kids: LittleLife Wheelie Bag Review

There are plenty of kid’s luggage* on the market, but our favorite LittleLife Motion Bike Bags* are our favorite*. You can fit very well with them and because they are so soft they can withstand lots of pretend and play trips.

Read my review.

8. Travel Journal

In addition to developing into avid young readers, My Kids has also become avid writers. It makes me so proud!

After this year’s summer vacation, we printed out pictures and put the girls in scrapbooks *with a few notes on what they did.

As they get older, I’m sure they’ll love proper travel magazines*. Lonely Planet makes a travel scrapbook* with lots of prompts to help kids record and preserve memories from their travels.

9. Practical clothes

Kids always need new clothes, so buying them some outdoor gear for Christmas means your gift will definitely be used.

Items that are frequently used during camping trips in the UK are wellington boots*, hiking boots, water jackets*, windbreakers* and jackets*.

Kids Keen Terradora Hiking Boots
KEEN Hiking Boots

If the travel and outdoors-loving kid in your life enjoys water sports, a new wetsuit or buoyancy aid might be the perfect gift.

Check out my equipment list for skateboarding with the kids for inspiration.

You may also like my guide to outdoor gifts for kids.

10. Travel Toy Box

When we escape we let the kids bring some small toys to keep them entertained during the flight and when we reach our destination.

Often their games from home are forgotten when they are on their way to make friends and explore, so there is no point in taking too much on vacation.

Teebee box trays filled with mini toys, coloring book, building blocks and snacks

Teebee Travel Toy Box is compact and can be easily used while sitting in the car, train or plane. Fill it with any small toys that will keep your kids entertained while you’re on the go.

It’s washable so you can load it up with snacks, which is our girls’ favorite way to use Teebees*.

Disclosure: This post includes some of the items we previously sent for review, but we really like them and that’s why they’re featured again. This post also includes affiliate links marked with an *. If you click on one of these and make a purchase, I may earn some commission. This does not affect the price you pay.

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Need gift ideas for kids who have everything?  Inspire their passion for wanderlust with these travel gifts they'll love after Christmas Day

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