19 best souvenirs from Canada to remember your trip with

Want to know what Canadian souvenirs you’re looking for? Here are the best souvenirs from Canada to bring for yourself and your loved ones to savor your travels.

The friendly locals and stunning scenery will forever be a driving factor for me when it comes to choosing travel destinations. Canada? This country has both in great numbers!

But sure, after admiring glacial lakes, deep forests, and beautiful cities; Want to go home Something It can commemorate your trip. Some souvenirs seem obvious – maple syrup, for example – but there are more souvenirs in Canada to look out for.

With a huge maple leaf on their flag, we can already see one of the trends in Canadian souvenirs!

The best souvenirs from Canada for you

Wondering what are the best souvenirs in Canada? This is a list of all the coolest Canadian souvenirs I’ve seen…

1. Maple syrup

Undoubtedly, one of the best souvenirs from Canada: maple syrup. In fact, anyone who plays the word association game will probably yell “Maple syrup!” If Canada is the key word.

Canada souvenirs

It produces 85% of the world’s maple syrup, and the country tends to go crazy with maple syrup festivals in Canada during the spring. Harvesting sap from maple trees is deeply rooted in Canadian history – it’s more than just a sweet garnish. Whether you buy it at a supermarket or straight from the farm, it’s the perfect Canadian souvenir!

If you’re looking for a decently priced souvenir from Canada to buy a few for friends, you can’t go wrong with a few bottles of maple syrup.

2. Aboriginal art

Bring home a piece of Canada with unique aboriginal art. While traces of Aboriginal art date back to 12,000 years ago, the oldest surviving pieces are around 5,000 years old. Genuine pieces are notoriously expensive and hard to buy, but fortunately, commemorative editions are available.

Canadian souvenirs

Many souvenir shops offer artwork and jewelry inspired by Aboriginal art; This is a budget friendly alternative. For art copies, visit the Museum of Anthropology – their gift shop has an exceptional collection.

3. smoked salmon

You may not be able to carry salmon home depending on your immigration laws, but it is definitely worth mentioning on a list Souvenirs from Canada. The country is famous for its salmon population, and not just because we can watch bears hunting them – if you’re lucky.

souvenirs from canada

Packaged fresh fish are great gifts if you’re just a short drive away. If you live a little further away, buy cold smoked salmon that’s been frozen and made to last for 24 hours. Don’t miss out on this West Coast delicacy, even if you’re simply treating yourself.

4. Canadian diamonds are ethically sourced

Diamonds are sometimes referred to as blood diamonds because they are mined in conflict areas, mostly in Africa. To wear a diamond without guilt or shame, get it from Canada instead.

Canadian souvenirs

Key country monitoring the Kimberley Process, Canada ethically sourced diamonds from the Northwest Territories. Then it is transformed into exquisite jewelry; Canada’s special gift for a special occasion perhaps?

5. Inukshuk . Gifts

Found in archaeological sites, Inukshuk are stone features that were designed to look like a person!

These structures are used by the Inuit and other communities to aid in navigation. As a symbol of human connection across Canada, they make great Canada souvenirs to bring home.

Canadian souvenirs

Obviously, you won’t be able to take home one of these original structures, but look for small replicas of them. Small souvenirs can make a lot of sense. If you want some souvenirs from Canada that really mean something, this is a great shout out.

6. iced wine

Canada really knows how to make the most of extremely cold winters!

Although the country has not been in the wine business for long, their chilled wine is one of the best gifts from Canada that you can get from someone (or yourself). A few bottles of ice wine are some great Canadian souvenirs for your loved ones.

souvenirs from canada

By picking frozen grapes at negative temperatures, the juice extracted from them tastes sweet and extra concentrated. Balanced in acidity, this sweet wine is a dessert staple. nickname Canada Liquid Gold For good reason.

Ice wine is definitely Mine A favorite souvenir from Canada. can get beautiful Despite the price!

7. Canadian club whiskey

Speaking of happy hour drinks, Canadian Club whiskey ranks among the best locally produced drinks. It is the only North American liquor to have been awarded a Royal Order by several British Queens. There are scandalous stories behind this whiskey, too – Al Capone smuggled it into a popular drink during the Prohibition era.

It’s a prop for fun conversations!

8. Canadian beer or cider

If you’re a beer-drinker, Canada has you covered.

Not fun? How about locally sourced apple juice? Each region produces its own specialties, so consult the locals before purchasing handcrafted beer and cider.

Some craft brews you might be interested in include: Canadian Molson, Moosehead Lager, Muskoka Brewery, and Tall Ships. For classic cider, look for: Thornbury Village Craft Cider, Rock Creek Cider, Okanagan Premium Cider, and Walkerville Brewery.

Pick out some of the coolest Canadian souvenirs to enjoy on your night back home.

9. dream hunters

These are great souvenirs from Canada for an authentic slice of history.

Originally created by shamans to trap bad dreams, dream catchers gently transfer good dreams into the mind of their owner while the morning sun burns away negative dreams. A soul-soothing keepsake from Canada, both a nod to indigenous culture and a healing gift.

What to buy from Canada

The dream catcher’s enthusiasm may have subsided, but it’s still popular in Canadian souvenir shops. With so many designs, colors and sizes to choose from, you can easily customize it for your friends and family.

10. Tim Hortons

The beloved coffee chains are worshiped everywhere. In Canada, it’s Tim Hortons. Donuts and coffee are the most popular combination, but you’ll love all that there is.

From coffee mugs to smiley cookies, you’ve got a huge selection of Canadian souvenirs to bring home. Since they package and sell everything in the store, take the opportunity to buy your favorite coffee or tea!

11. Unique Canadian Snacks

Food and snacks often represent the country in which they were made. Surely you can only identify foods that are available where you come from?

In Canada, poutine, butter pancakes, maple syrup and smoked salmon are popular foods. If you find it hard to get it And Ship home, suggest other smaller treats that are easy to pack. Rogers’ Nanaimo chips, ketchup and chocolate chips are just some of them.

If you are looking for easy souvenirs from Canada to buy for your classmates or classmates, snacks and sweets are a hit.

12. Stuffed moose or beaver

Souvenirs in Canada go as delicious or comforting. It should come as no surprise that there are home-themed gifts that are suitable for the younger crowd, too. Pick up a stuffed moose or beaver (two very Canadian animals indeed) so your child can carry fond memories of Canada with them. Bears make great cuddle buddies too.

They can easily be found in gift shops attached to national parks and other rural locations.

Commemorating Canada

We bought a stuffed moose wall decoration for our kids nursery when we went on the kids trip in Canada, and a cuddly beaver – love little Canadian souvenirs!

13. Canadian First Nations Souvenirs

Those visiting Canada for the first time may find it interesting to read about its cultures and traditions, including indigenous cultures. Many history and art museums expand their exhibits to tell us about the First Nations; All 630 Communities!

The usual selection of Canadian souvenirs covers hand-carved figurines, burnt wood carvings, shawls, and crafts. I suggest buying artwork created by these people, or literature that explores their history. After all, knowledge is a great gift, too. You should have a look at the interesting Canada facts listed here to find out more.

14. canada flag pin

What do you get in Canada

When it comes to small Canadian souvenirs, there is nothing more representative than Canada flag brooches. Clip it to your backpack, luggage tag, your favorite beanie, or even stick it in the fridge. You will always be reminded of Canada whenever you saw it.

15. Sculptures made of soapstone

Soapstone is found in abundance in Canada, and as such is a popular medium for artists to carve. Sturdy, multi-layered, and somewhat sophisticated, the carvings are made of soapstone for beautiful home decor. Choose a sculpted animal to feel particularly connected to the land.

Canadian souvenirs

They may not be the easiest souvenirs in Canada to find! You will have to visit some art galleries and shops, but it is well worth it.

16. Canada T-shirt

One of the most classic souvenirs you can get from any country is one of those tourist t-shirts. There are plenty of small businesses and sellers that sell Canada-themed t-shirts, whether they have maple leaf prints on them or something along the lines of “<3 Canada".

For a cheeky shout-out, keep an eye out for T-shirts that read Sorry. There is nothing more Canadian than that!

I bought a Canadian T-shirt while in Ontario – like any self-respecting tourist – just a small souvenir from Canada when I visited Niagara Falls recently. I wanted to celebrate the weekend in Montreal and 3 days in Toronto as well.

17. hockey jersey

While we are talking about the subject of clothing, hockey jerseys are a defining characteristic of Canada as well. After all, hockey is the city’s national sport. put it on or hang it up; This is a good choice for sports lovers.

souvenir of canada

Look for t-shirts with Team Canada printed on them for a true representation. You may even be able to customize your name on the back. We went to a hockey game in Montreal – it was great!

18. car badges

Things to buy from Canada

Want to collect memorabilia from all the countries you’ve visited but don’t have the space to put them?

Car stickers and bag stickers are the way to go!

Capturing Canadian flag, moose silhouette, Inukshuk drawing; Any Canadian-themed car decal to let people know where you’ve put your miles. A great idea if you are going on any kind of road trip across Canada.

19. Canadian money

This person could be considered adding a joke to the list, but hear me out! Canadian money is a rather new souvenir. Also easy to find.

Canada souvenirs

What makes it so interesting are the bright colors of the notes and the unusual plastic that they are made of. It’s a nod to local history too, thanks to the iconic characters printed on it. Those with children might also consider collecting a Canadian Toonie – perhaps this could start a forex pool.

Canada souvenirs

What Canadian souvenirs would you choose to remember your trip? If you’re planning to go to Canada anytime soon, check out my handy guide to traveling to Canada in 2021 and beyond.

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