3 Sci-Fi and Horror Short Films: Creatures of Horror, Robot Fun

A wide-eyed robot takes on the world in this shot of a short animated live element.

This is the season to watch a party All the movies you missed In 2021, as well as all Prize winners Signs and theaters are crowded at this time of year. But if you only have a few minutes to spare, we’ve got three sci-fi and horror movies that are perfect for a while Small entertainment.

1) other important

Posted by In short, the weekQueen George significant other He introduces us to a couple in the middle of the night, who are about to be in the midst of a battle over a phenomenon that is either a trick of the light or something much more malevolent. It’s short, intimidating, and makes great use of a setting that’s essentially a single lane, and doesn’t feel the need to over-explain itself. It will leave you feeling horribly unstable.

2) crucial element

From soil Derek Fredrickson’s animated short comes to life crucial element A robot with prickly eyes and long limbs takes its first steps into the world, only to discover it has a faulty part. What should a curious and determined little man do to right himself? Make a mistake or two, and maybe stumble a bit – and then with a little help, find his true purpose.

3) They came from below

When the word “they” pops up in a horror movie title, you know to be on the alert for anyone or whoever who – which may refer to. Stars Dylan Doornboss Hayes Short He. She And lock and keyJackson Robert Scott as a kid begs to stay home while his sister rushes to the store – but he soon begins to have some serious second thoughts about being left alone in the dark. They come from below Legit suspenseful (Scott definitely corners the market on “the younger brothers who deal with brutal situations”), and the last shot leaves you wondering what happened next without feeling too upset.

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