5 reasons to give picture gifts this Christmas

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Shhhh! Keep calm but we’re giving picture gifts this Christmas and I wanted to share with you why.

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It’s peak gift-buying season and the choices can be overwhelming. Then there are those people who just don’t know what to buy without the risk that you’ll wind up with something failing.

Photo gifts are my favorite solution, and here’s why:

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sustainable gifting

As a family, we try to live a greener life by making small changes all the time. This extends to the gifts we give to our girls and our wider family.

Calendars, picture books, and other photo gifts can be made using FSC certified paper, which means it comes from sustainably managed forests.

Giving green sounds a lot better than increasing the plastic problem.

Gifts for the whole family

If you are buying gifts for the whole family, it can be very costly to try to figure out what to give each one individually.

A photo gift can be a common gift that they will all enjoy all year round rather than a novelty they ignore after Christmas Day.

Giving good vibes

Research has shown that looking at pictures makes us feel nostalgic and happy and improves our mood.

Isn’t that the best Christmas gift we can give this year?

I know that when I look at our vacation photos, they bring up memories of wonderful shared experiences and happy times. And having this stuff scattered around our house instead of locking up my iPhone is the best way to enjoy it.

Stylish home accessory

I’m not a fan of picture pillows and know some interior designers who might shiver at the thought of getting one on Christmas Day. But there are a plethora of options when it comes to photo gifts and many of them are very stylish.

Picture books are a great addition to a coffee table, and my personal favorites, picture tiles, and wall art can be combined to fit any space.

something unique

Who wants to get a carbon copy of that fake thing greeted by hundreds of thousands of people across the country on Christmas morning?

Photo gifts give you a chance to share something unique; Capturing already cherished personal memories. It is a foolproof way to ensure the success of your present.

What is your opinion? Will you be giving picture gifts this Christmas?

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