512 “studio-inspired” microphone.

Another year of restrictions means excuses for not starting this podcast are starting to fade. If your last one is “I can’t find a USB mic that I like”, 512 Audio might be about to ruin your (procrastinator) day. The company revealed two USB microphones at CES this year along with a podcast-friendly audio interface.

If you do (or plan to do) a lot of voice work, the $119 microphone might be the one you should consider. The retro design is based on the WA-14 studio microphone from Warm Audio (512 Audio a Warm company). The text is dual pattern (Cardioid/Omni) and the dual 14mm pods are tuned for voice work, the company claims. With its USB connection, the Script offers zero latency monitoring via the headphone jack and built-in gain/mute controls.

If you want a slightly more versatile microphone, a $160 price tag might be a better fit. Like the script, there is an onboard monitor and volume controls. Tempest also offers a larger 34mm pod, for those who want a more responsive sound. This model is also based on one of the microphones on the Warm – specifically. Although we don’t know if these mics are just USB versions of the ones they emulate or if they are simply visually inspired by them (at least, the WA14 offers more polar patterns than its 512 counterpart).

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With both new microphones offering USB connectivity, you won’t need an interface to connect them to your computer, but the 512 voices are revealed for those who already have XLR microphones and want to connect them to something more podcast-friendly than a generic interface.

While there’s no pricing information at the moment, the audio interface has two combo ports for the aforementioned XLR microphones and inch gauges. There is also a 3.5mm input for phones and other compatible devices. Perfect for inserting the “caller” into your program or simply for feeding from other audio sources as you see fit. There are two headphone outputs on the front, which is a definite feature for streaming platforms and even a mute button for microphones which is less common than you might think, and useful in a podcast scenario for talking off the air or avoiding coughing and other unwanted sounds.

Among all of the above, Tempest will be launched first, which is scheduled for March this year. The script will be available in Spring and the audio interface is coming later this year.

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