Abbott is working on “biological wearables” to measure glucose, lactate and ketones

Health tech is working on “bio-usable” devices to track specific elements of the body, with the idea that it will provide users with more insights into their overall health and help them take action. Lingo devices will measure glucose, ketones and lactate, and eventually may be able to monitor alcohol levels.

Robert B. said: Ford CEO Abbott at CES: “This would be like having a window on your body.” “It is a knowledge that you will be able to access it at any time so that you can understand what your body is telling you and what it needs.”

Abbott is a name. They are the manufacturer of the highly coveted BinaxNOW Rapid COVID-19 Tests. It’s also behind, one of the most popular continuous glucose monitors that eliminates the need to test blood with a fingerstick.

The biologically wearable devices, which are not intended for medical use, are based on sensor technology developed by Abbott for the Freestyle Livre. Athletes use a version of the device to help improve their nutritional intake for training and competition. With Lingo, the company plans to expand glucose monitoring use cases to help the public manage things like sleep, weight and energy levels.

The goal of bio-ketone use is to provide continuous tracking of ketones so that wearers can see how quickly they are entering ketosis. This is a condition in which the body does not have enough carbohydrates to convert into energy and instead burns fat (and generates ketones). With this wearable lactate, Abbott’s goal is to constantly measure lactate buildup during exercise. It says it can provide insights into athletic performance.

It will be some time before Abbott can bring this technology to the consumer market. If the wearables arrive vitally, and when they function as promised, they should help those concerned in maintaining the condition of their bodies closely to do so.

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