AMD and OnePlus are the latest to cancel their personal CES 2022 plans

More big names are canceling their personal CES 2022 plans. cnet Notes AMD and oneplus Both of them withdrew their physical presence at the tech event. Although they did not provide detailed explanations, the move was an apparent response to the emergence of the COVID-19-specific Omicron variant and the corresponding increase in new cases. In a statement, the company said that AMD is converting its in-person transactions to virtual transactions “in the best interests” of everyone’s health.

AMD was already ready to launch its 2022 products with a livestream on January 4. OnePlus has said it will introduce the OnePlus 10 Pro in January, and it was rumored to unveil the phone at CES.

The companies join several major brands that have pulled back from CES participation in the real world, including Amazon, AT&T, GM, Google, Intel, Lenovo, Meta, Microsoft and T-Mobile. Others have already focused on virtual presentations, such as NVIDIA. Show mainstays LG, Samsung, and Sony were still committed as of this writing.

CES Regulator, Consumer Technology Association, continues Planning A personal event whose health and safety measures you believe are sufficient to protect attendees. She also downplayed the wave of departures, noting that there were more new sign-ups than checkouts as of December 23. The situation has changed in recent days, however, and the concern is more about corporate size than just numbers – and that wouldn’t mark a CES revival if the attractions weren’t anywhere.

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