An unforgettable oasis in the historic heart of Dubrovnik

Whitney Spielvogel

Croatia is having a moment. This country full of stunning landscapes, charming islands and sunny cities is not to be missed. Surrounded by the sparkling Adriatic, the cosmopolitan city of Dubrovnik has its fair share of idyllic beach coves, exciting cuisine, and fascinating history. Today it has become a favorite when it comes to a dose of ocean without all the crowds.

Whitney Spielvogel

There is a sense of magic to be felt upon entering Dubrovnik villa, a beautiful contemporary hotel perched atop a cliff on one of the most magical stretches of the Dalmatian coast. Villa Dubrovnik is an elegant haven for guests seeking luxury privacy, best-in-class hospitality and ultra-modern amenities. With elegant lines and elegant and airy interior design, every corner of this premium villa is home to exceptional views and world-class accommodation.

Whitney Spielvogel

Villa Dubrovnik occupies a prominent position above the St. All 60 of the hotel’s elegant rooms enjoy stunning sea views, overlooking the picturesque island of Lokrum and the old city walls. All rooms are spacious in size (especially for city hotel standards) and the contemporary room design and spacious balconies offer the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Whitney Spielvogel

Here, two restaurants and one rooftop bar line the cliff top to offer panoramic views of the skyline and top city reservations. The exquisite cuisine from award-winning restaurant Pjerin will fuel all of your senses, with delicious Mediterranean cuisine and an extensive wine list. For a more casual environment, guests can enjoy Al Fresco Bar Giardino, designed to enjoy lighter food in a secluded picturesque garden just above private beach level.

Rest and relaxation is the order of the day in Villa Dubrovnik, as you will be hard pressed to distance yourself from the accommodation. Relax on the hotel’s private beach, which has concrete sunbathing platforms and a staircase into the sparkling sea. Do you prefer the non-salt water option? There’s a serene outdoor pool, set in gardens filled with bougainvillea, where you can sit and stretch out on a four-poster lounge bed. Finally, there is an indoor pool with wide-opening glass doors and direct views of the water.

Whitney Spielvogel

With stunning views of the Old Town and the famous island of Lokrum, unparalleled gastronomy, and warm hospitality, Villa Dubrovnik is a modern gem in a medieval town, providing a truly legendary and unforgettable travel experience. With the world reopening and Croatia now accepting international guests (travelers need either proof of vaccination, an EU Covid digital certificate, proof of recovery from Covid-19 or a negative test taken within 48 hours of arrival), pre-book to register the desired room categories within Peak travel times.

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