Apple AirPods Max costs just $400 in Woot for Amazon Prime members

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Apple’s AirPods Max may finally come in handy if you’ve been waiting for it to hit the price point. Woot sells over-ear headphones in pink for just $400 to Amazon Prime members, or $149 less than the official label. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen yet, and even $460 for gray (Woot’s only other color option at the moment) is a solid bargain. Just remember that Woot’s return policy is different from Amazon’s.

Buy AirPods Max from Woot – $400

AirPods Max is a much better value at this price. It has great balanced sound, high-quality active noise cancellation, and smart controls. In the Apple ecosystem, you also get benefits like simple pairing and spatial audio. Enjoy solid battery life and you’ll probably be happy.

The caveats are familiar. Some of the advantages disappear if you’re using Android or Windows, and you might be better off with more universal alternatives like the Sony WH-1000XM4. The included Apple case offers a bit of protection, too—you’ll really want to buy an outer case if you routinely put AirPods Max in your bag. If these are not obstacles, you will have few reasons to complain.

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