Apple envisions including Touch ID in the Apple TV remote control

The remote that comes with the Apple TV is great to use as far as remote controls are concerned, but using it for any kind of input like entering search terms or passwords can be annoying. However, Apple believes that they may have found a potential solution to this problem – Touch ID.

According to a patent discovered by Patently Apple, Apple appears to be toying with the idea that Touch ID could be included in devices like the Apple TV remote control. It will work like Touch ID on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, where users can authenticate themselves using biometric data.

This means that users can use Touch ID to authenticate themselves if they need to sign in to apps, download or purchase apps, etc. However, the interesting thing about this app is that it can be transferred wirelessly, which means that instead of being translated to an iPhone or a computer, it can transfer data via WiFi, infrared, Bluetooth, NFC, and more.

The patent also indicates that the Touch ID remote control can also be used to control more than one Apple TV, such as other smart home devices. It has also been suggested that Touch ID can be used as a profile system, so depending on who is using the remote, it can lock out certain types of content. For example, if your child wants to watch shows on Apple TV, once their identity is established, shows or adult rated content can be blocked.

However, there’s no indication that Apple’s upcoming Apple TV could have a Touch ID remote control, but it’s an interesting idea we wouldn’t mind seeing come true.

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