Apple suggests that Bluetooth is blocking AirPods

When the AirPods were first announced, many mocked the earbuds, their design and price. However, fast forward to today, it is a bestselling accessory and has since spawned new versions and Pro iterations. We imagine sound isn’t necessarily the selling point here, but rather ease of use and connectivity with Apple products.

However, what else can Apple do to improve it? It turns out that maybe a new wireless protocol has been found. This is what Gary Geaves seems to be hinting at. Geaves, for those unfamiliar with it, is Apple’s Vice President of Audio and helped lead the team that was responsible for creating the AirPods.

Speaking to What HiFi in an interview, Geaves was asked if Bluetooth could be one of the reasons holding up AirPods and sound quality, which Apple exec seems to be pointing to. According to Jeffs:

“Obviously wireless technology is essential to deliver the content you’re talking about, but also things like the amount of response time you get when you move your head, and if it’s that long, between moving your head and changing the voice or it staying still, is going to make you feel sick, so we have to focus really hard. On squeezing as much as possible out of bluetooth, there are a number of tricks we can play to maximize or override some of the limits of bluetooth. But it’s fair to say we’d like more bandwidth and… I’ll stop there. We’d like more range frequency”

We’re not sure if Geaves’ comments indicate that Apple could work on its proprietary wireless technology or take advantage of some other technology to improve AirPods, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

failed to Apple > Sound > Tools. Read more about AirPods and headphones. Source: whatfi

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