Apple temporarily shuts down iPhone factory due to business conditions

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The company that makes your iPhone is in trouble again. According to reports, Apple has hired a long-running computer parts contractor, Foxconn, is under surveillance, after a factory run by the notorious Taiwanese company made hundreds of its employees violently ill earlier this month.

The plant, which is based in India and employs nearly 17,000 people to make the iPhone 12, was the subject of widespread protests last week after a nasty bout of food poisoning at the facility left hundreds of workers in need of medical care, according to Reuters. Reported. 159 people Had to go to hospital About 250 others were treated as outpatients in connection with the accident. The factory which is located in the state of Tamil NaduProvides on-site accommodation and meals for workers, as is common For large factories that require long hours and intensive shifts. However, it seems that these meals are not great.

After learning that hundreds of their co-workers were sickened by food made in a company-sponsored canteen, workers at the factory staged a protest and later prevented Great Interstate Highway as part of their demonstrations. The protests were not only related to the recent incident, but to the generally poor working conditions at the factory, he said recent report from Bloomberg. Several protesters were arrested.

The full uproar eventually forced the plant to shut down for several days while government officials were inspecting the facility – and the incident has now sparked calls for a wider investigation into the way factory workers are being treated.

As noted earlier, Apple has also made a factory mode On probation– which means it will remain closed, allegedly until changes can be made that correct the issues at hand. We’ve contacted Apple and Foxconn with multiple requests for comment for this story but have not received a response.

Apparently an Apple spokesperson TechCrunch said That the company “will ensure our stringent criteria are met before reopening the facility.” The spokesperson also commented, “Some of the remote accommodations and dining rooms used for staff do not meet our requirements, and we are working with the supplier to ensure that a comprehensive set of corrective actions are swiftly implemented.”

In case you haven’t tracked it, Foxconn is Apple’s largest manufacturing contractor but also has It has been widely regarded as a ridiculous nightmare for workers ever since As far as back Like the days of Steve Jobs. A series of 14 suicides in 2010 inspired widespread concerne on the working conditions of the company. Another factor He killed himself In 2012. To stave off more death, the notorious company Install Suicide Networks (or what he called “anti-jumping” nets) around the outskirts of its factories and employee dormitories as a solution to its workers wanting to kill themselves.

The company has consistently made promises to improve the standard of living for its workers — and there has been some debate about how poor Foxconn’s conditions are relative to the rest of its regional competitors. However, recently 2018, the company Had to An investigation into a factory in China that makes Amazon Echo Dots and Kindles, after a monitoring group alleged harsh working conditions at the facility.

It’s also probably not a very optimistic sign that the recent protests have been around Foxconn food since then, like Back to the early Obama yearsThe workers complained that the company’s meals tasted like nonsense. In fact, a Survey 2012 Of the more than 35,000 Foxconn workers who showed that 71 percent thought Foxconn food was bad, about half of those surveyed felt that canteens serving food could not be categorized as healthy. Now that they’ve graduated from bad to sam, it’s clear the company has some work to do.

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