Apple wants to design more chips on its own

Apple actually designs many of its own components that can be found in a wide variety of products. For example, there’s the A-series chipset found in the iPhone, then we have the Apple Silicon that debuted last year, and if the rumors are true, in the coming years we can also expect to see Apple release its own 5G modems.

However, it is clear that Apple’s ambitions in the field of chips do not end there. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple wants to design more components internally as this could potentially reduce the company’s dependence on companies like Broadcom and Skyworks for future products.

These chips are expected to include wireless radios, radio frequency integrated circuits, etc. Coincidentally, Apple is said to be building a satellite office in Irvine, California, near where Broadcom and Skyworks have offices, making it easier for the company to attract employees who might not be willing to relocate or relocate to Silicon Valley where the headquarters are located. Apple’s flagship.

It will be interesting to see how much of Apple’s own hardware they will end up making themselves. This will undoubtedly be a costly endeavor, but in the end it makes Apple less dependent on technological advances and the progress of others, while giving them more control and say over what their hardware can do and how it performs.

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