Apple’s iCloud Private Migration Feature Makes Carriers Furious

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New Apple private relay The iPhone feature is not well compatible with carriers, and some carriers are doing everything they can to squash the privacy setting before it reaches your iPhone.

Announced at WWDC last year, Private Relay is a The new iCloud + feature It pushes web traffic requests through encrypted VPN-like filters so no one – not even Apple – can see your internet traffic. It critically protects you from Internet service providers or websites that may use your DNS records and IP address to create cookies and serve targeted ads.

Instead of tunneling your data like a VPN, Private Relay encrypts your data before passing it through an Apple-managed proxy server that separates the DNS request from your IP address and then passes it on to an unknown “trusted partner” that uses a rough IP address of a fake Tabuk. Although there are several limitations — the feature only works in Safari, you need a paid iCloud + account, and it doesn’t hide your region — Private Relay is generally seen as a useful privacy tool, if less than a full VPN.

According to a report from telegraphEuropean airlines are preparing for this feature. Open letter (by report from telegraph) signed by carriers giants Vodafone, Telefonica and T-Mobile claim that Apple’s new privacy feature will hamper its ability to manage networks and violate “digital sovereignty” in the European Union.

“The way in which private relay is implemented will have serious consequences in terms of undermining European digital sovereignty. Moreover, private relay will hinder others to innovate and compete in the final digital markets and may negatively affect the ability of operators to efficiently manage telecom networks.”

The operators expect the European Commission to classify Apple as a “digital gatekeeper,” a title the report claims could “stop services such as private relay”.

There are also reports that T-Mobile/Sprint in the US blocks Private Relay when your phone is connected to its mobile network, but that might be a simplification of what’s really going on.

Twitter user Jon Guidry (via 9to5Mac), a T-Mobile customer, attempted to enable the private relay feature but was instead greeted with a notification explaining that the feature was “turned off for your cellular plan” and warning the network that it could be monitored.

Some news outlets have suggested that T-Mobile may be slowly rolling out this feature, which explains why some customers continue to enable Private Relay. However, leaked documents published by T-Mo . Report Show that customers have certain features to filter and block content, like TMObile’s Web Guard cannot access the Private Relay.

T-Mobile later confirmed to Gizmodo that customers with specific content filter pLans can’t being able to Special relay because it prevents carrier features from working properly.

“Customers who choose plans and features with content filtering (such as parental controls) do not have access to iCloud Private Relay to allow these services to work as designed. All other customers have no restrictions,” a T-Mobile representative wrote in an email.

Private Relay is currently in public beta in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. The feature is turned off by default and must be enabled manually under Settings.

Update 9:05pm ET: We have updated this article to include a statement from T-Mobile confirming that the feature is not available to existing customers Occurred Even certain plans to filter content.

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