Are these the most luxurious treehouses in the UK?

While COVID has undoubtedly been a major damage to the travel industry, there are some companies that have worked tirelessly during successive shutdowns to improve the quality of their current offerings. One such business is Mallinson Woodland Retreat, an adults-only luxury resort with a difference.

In fact, Mallinson is already lending himself well to these new times in which we find ourselves. Not only does it offer a woodland countryside location near Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast, the luxury of space and privacy, and self-catering, but it is also the perfect retreat for UK residents.

The closures have allowed the owners to upgrade all the communal facilities of their five existing plush spaces so that they each not only have their own kitchens and tree showers, but also offer self-check-in for a luxurious, completely contact-free retreat into the woods. They’ve also allowed them to build on the success of Woodsman’s Treehouse they opened over five years ago, by designing and building two new luxury treehouses – Dazzle and Pinwheel. With Woodsman pre-booked a year in advance thanks to extensive TV and press coverage, this is a great opportunity to secure a luxury stay while we stay through uncertain times.

Read on to find out more about two of the UK’s most luxurious treehouses:


Dazzle has a unique outdoor experience – hidden by a distinctive camouflage design inspired by the patterns used to disguise World War I ships and confuse the enemy, hidden away in the woods and accessible via an elevated Gangplank Pass.

Once inside, a wood-burning stove takes a central position between the sitting room and bedroom, ensuring the property is kept warm throughout the colder months, while an en suite shower room (with adequate heated toilet) complements the luxurious tree hideaway.

The bedroom has a king-size bed, while the ship theme continues throughout with deck walkways, yacht deck floors, and a central glass spine, leading guests lucky enough to stay here towards a prow-deck and slender alder tree.

The fully equipped kitchen, complete with a Nespresso machine, opens onto the back deck, where you’ll also find a stunning hot tub.

In addition, a mesh cargo daybed, suspended over a stream and under an oak canopy, provides the perfect space for lounging.

With your own hot tub, barbecue and pizza oven, you can really enjoy all things outdoors.

The design of both Dazzle and Pinwheel was a collaboration between Guy Mallinson and Keith Brownlie of BEaM, and was built entirely by Guy and his team of highly skilled woodworking craftsmen.

Price for two adults: £990 for two nights, £1485 for weekends (Fri 4pm-10am).


Pinwheel Treehouse is nestled in a space among a ring of mature oaks in a secluded corner of Mallinson’s Bluebell Woodland Retreat.

Inside, there is a central, glass-covered living space beneath a tree canopy, with the surrounding spaces circling to the outside. The one-way full-height glazed windows (facing the four points of the compass) provide stunning views, while at the same time still maintaining a perfect sense of seclusion.

The treehouse rooms are arranged in a crisscross pattern, turned away from the center to mimic the shape of a windmill for children. Concentric rings of wood taper towards the center, giving the illusion of the three-dimensional facades, each descending towards and framing a single window, while unidirectional mirror glass reflects the surrounding tree trunks.

There is an en suite toilet, as well as a separate shower and dressing room, but perhaps the most private part of the treehouses is the outdoor space.

On the outside deck, you’ll not only enjoy sunset views, but there’s also a wood-fired pizza oven, grill pan, hot tub, fire pit, and even a hammock for two.

Prices for two adults are the same as Dazzle’s: £990 for two nights a week, £1485 for weekends (Fri 4pm-10am).

We think the pictures speak for themselves. Design, build quality, facilities, attention to detail and sheer elegance are what sets these treehouses apart, which is why we think they may just be the most luxurious treehouses in the UK…

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mallinson Woodland Retreat.

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