Are we entering a golden age of private jet travel?

LunaJets, the leading independent global provider of private jet solutions headquartered in Geneva with offices in London, Paris and Monaco, exceeded $100 million in annual revenue in 2021 for the first time in its history. This represents 65% growth in flight volumes compared to 2020 and 40% compared to 2019 for the Luna Aviation Group’s private charter aircraft division. The number of flights (including empty legs) reached nearly 8000.

Guillaume Launay, Sales Director. “We broke our own record for more than 1,100 new customers in 2021, with an unprecedented level of customers turning to the supplier, and new entrants to the industry,” he adds. “Most of these are leisure customers who represent, this year, nearly 70% of our activity, compared to about 50% in 2019, while our business customers have significantly reduced their flight hours.”

Aviation market in 2021

Beginning in April, the business aviation market experienced a dramatic shift from oversupply to undersupply fueled primarily by a dramatic improvement in the health situation through mid-November, a shortage of commercial flight routes and a massive increase in wealth generated by emerging stock markets.

Emeric Segaard, CEO of LunaJets, notes that “this modern golden age for our industry, is an opportunity to accelerate our global development,” and we have benefited greatly from strong demand pressures on providers of 25 hour ticket and aircraft sharing programs that cannot grow fast enough to accommodate This unprecedented level of customers traveling on their own fleet. Therefore, some of these customers have turned to our services, providing direct, unlimited access to a much wider fleet of modern aircraft around the world. I am pleased with our performance but have not been deceived by such exceptional circumstances as I had in 2007 upon founding LunaJets, with signs of worrying overexcitation. For example, we are seeing an increase in hourly rates on the larger aircraft class and a significant decrease in availability.” Siegard adds.

This year LunaJets began accepting Crypto payments, introduced carbon offset programs and was named “Best Small and Medium Business Employer” in Switzerland for the fourth year in a row by Swiss business magazine Bilan.

The group doubled its IT and digital investments in 2021, and will continue in 2022 to further increase our gap with the competition. Next year, we will offer our customers the most advanced IT and digital tools in our industry. says Jose Ferrero, Head of IT and Digital.

2022 predictions

After opening new offices in London in 2019, Paris in 2020 and Monaco in 2021, Lunagets will expand to Riga, Moscow and Dubai in 2022.

“Our new offices and the inherent synergies within the group – private jet charter, group charter companies, cargo, sales and purchase – have created an ecosystem in which we cover all segments of our industry to provide the same independent and reliable service that LunaJets has provided for over 15 years,” stated Alain Leporce, Managing Director . “This has created a unique niche as we build deeper business relationships with our customers (and suppliers), being able to serve all of their aviation needs as well as rapidly acquire new customers in these markets.” Leboursier adds.

Despite clear signs of a bubble in the industry, LunaJets remains confident that it can continue to gain market share and is once again targeting 20-30% growth for 2022, as long as there are no geopolitical, financial or health shocks.

Do you think we are entering a golden age of private jet travel?

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