Best Christmas gifts for the whole family 2021

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I’m a big believer in trial over things when it comes to gifts. Practical gifts also outperform games that will be played for five minutes and then hidden away at the bottom of the closet. even better Gifts for the whole family.

Eck! Did you leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute? Do not panic! Check out last minute Christmas gift ideas that you can give just in time for the big day.

This Christmas, why not give a gift to your family and friends Would they really be prized instead of a treasure withered in the back of the treasury?

Take some inspiration from our 2021 Christmas gift list!

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Current Inspiration: Gift Ideas for the Whole Family 2021

If you are a mother, father, grandfather or even a great-aunt, there is some inspiration Gift ideas for the whole family Here for all budgets. I admit that many are on the higher end of the budget scale but when you think you’re buying for two or more loved ones, you might really be surprised at the value for money.

If you live in the southwest of England like us, I’ve got a personalized Devon gift guide.

Buying for someone who loves camping? Check out the best gifts for campers. Or how about that kid who has everything?

National Trust or English Heritage Membership

National Trust family memberships are our favorite Christmas gifts every year. Missionaries know that we will get a great deal of pleasure from countless visits to historic homes across the country. It is really a gift for the whole family.

Annual family membership is £78 for one adult and up to 10 children or £126 for two adults and up to 10 children.

We don’t have a lot of English Heritage properties near us in Devon but elsewhere in the UK there is a lot that makes membership worthwhile.

Annual family membership costs £64 for one adult and up to 6 children or £111 for two adults and up to six children.

Family day out

There is no escaping the fact that days out with the family are expensive. But if you’re spending £50 on gifts for the whole family, why not look at how that compares to a day at a family attraction*?

There are plenty of places that attract kids like family parks *, zoos * and Go Ape * that sell vouchers.

You can also design your family gift according to your family’s interests. It is possible to purchase vouchers for Harry Potter Days Away*, steam rail* and parks across the country*.

You can also make your gift a Christmas experience. In previous years, we’ve been on Santa’s train ride and pantomime and at The Amazing Christmas in the amusement park.

If you’re looking for some Christmas inspiration, here are some great events happening across the UK, in our home country of Devon and on Christmas Days in neighboring Cornwall. You might also like to visit the Christmas market or one of the mummering shows in the UK.

Pretend Play Christmas Figures - Gifts for the whole family

Meal out as a family

We love eating out, not only because everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite dishes or try something new, but also because there’s no washing! It doesn’t have to be dinner. We love lunch with the kids and even picnics.

Put some money in an envelope with instructions on how to use it or treat your favorite family with a voucher for takeout* at a particular restaurant when the time is right.

Or how about a fancy afternoon tea?

Family Golden Butterflies Special Edition PACMAT

PACMAT Picnic Blanket With Butterflies & Gold Bottom
Family Golden Butterflies Special Edition PACMAT

Here’s a stylish and practical gift for families who love to take a picnic for their adventures in the great outdoors. PACMATs are compact, durable and machine washable blankets made in the UK and come in all kinds of designs, from OS maps to bold and fun prints.

The beautiful design of the PACMAT® Gold Butterfly Special Edition was created by illustrator Gabi Malpass.

This special PACMAT is made of ultra-lightweight, water-resistant nylon, comes with its own stuff bag and has four embroidered eyelets in the corners to allow it to be attached (pegs not included).

Buy your PACMAT from Rubbastuff.

Capture travel memories with the map sticker

Does the family you are considering have a special place they care about? Perhaps it was the place where they met or where they spent their first vacation together?

Berlin map sticker on the side panel
Map Sticker by Mapness

Mabinis You can create custom map posters and prints based on location, locations or coordinates to make your gift extra personal.

Use their website to select the appropriate place within a country or city and add custom text to make your present unique to your family. You can even choose the fonts, colors, and style of the map.

Visit the Mapness website to enjoy the options and order your own custom map poster*.

Reading bonus: If you love the idea of ​​sending a map sticker as a gift, I have a Mapness discount code for you to use. Simply add ‘TINBOXTRAVELLER’ to the voucher box at check-out and get £5 off your purchase.

movie tickets

Children carrying snacks at Vue Cinema

A trip to the cinema always seems like a special treat. So why not buy tickets for your family or friends to the latest blockbuster movies.

You can even pack a cinema voucher* or box tickets with some fun snacks for them to eat during the show!

Read our review of the Buyagift Family Fun Experience Box that can be redeemed for family cinema tickets and snacks, or 490 other experiences.

Share special moments in the family photo book

Never Picture Book - Gifts for the whole family

Adventure picture book is a great keepsake or gift for families. Companies like Neveo make it easy to share what you’ve been doing with loved ones who may live far away.

Simply use their app to pick precious moments from your digital photos and drop them into a family album that can be printed and sent to parents, grandparents, aunts or great-uncles on a monthly basis.

It’s a year-round gift! Learn more about Neveo’s monthly family magazines.

Attraction season tickets

Kid driving at The Crealy Christmas Spectacular - the best day of Christmas in Devon

We have been buying ourselves season tickets to local attractions for the past few years and have gotten tremendous value from them. We always find it impossible to see and do everything in a zoo or theme park in one day.

This is one of those family gifts that you keep giving all year round; Especially if the attraction has different events throughout the year.

family food basket

Birthday cakes - gifts for the whole family

This is a great gift that you can give individually as the recipients. Pack a basket full of their favorite treats or make it a themed one, reminding them of the places they’ve been in the year or where they’re going next.

Our basket basket will be full of pasta, cream tea and gelato – yum! You can even make some content yourself!

Theater tickets

Apollo Theater - Children's London Shows in Children's Week

Much like visiting the cinema, theater is a great gift for the whole family to enjoy together. And in 2021, theaters need our support.

Plenty of mumming shows still scheduled to take place in the UK in 2021 – I’ve also found a few places to live in Devon – so support your local theater by buying tickets.

And if the Bantu isn’t your thing, look forward to performances in 2022.

Holiday Coupons

Yurts - Calm Camp Review: Dorset Luxury Camping

Why not contribute to a family adventure?

Holiday vouchers or contributions to a hotel* may provide some much-needed incentive to book that long-talked-about trip!

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at the family vacations I’ve written about.

Some of our favorites included a motorhome vacation in Italy, a cottage break in Cornwall, log cabin stays in the Peak District, and glamping in Dorset.

Capture adventures with icon art

My Icon Story Journey Icons - Gifts for the whole family

My Icon Story helps you capture the stories of your travels, relationships, life moments, and everything else in between. It’s a great reminder of past adventures and a gift the whole family will enjoy.

Whether you fancy some custom artwork showcasing your daily commute on the London transport network, recording your first family vacation or helping friends celebrate the birth of a child, the possibilities are endless.

We have an allegory of the destinations we visited on our first cruise.

Find out more about My Icon Story prints and personalized gifts.

Audio book subscription

We love audiobooks when we’re on road trips with the kids.

Purchase an audiobook subscription, giving each family member the opportunity to download books to listen to alone or together during long trips.

Practical gifts for individuals

If you’re looking for gifts for people you know won’t get lost, consider buying something that complements their hobbies.

Here are some posts that will give you inspiration:

You may also be interested in reading my post on how to be greener on vacation.

I hope you have found some inspiration from the gifts here. What made you fancy? Or do you have any other suggestions for me?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links with an * next to them. This means that if you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I may make some commission. This is at no additional cost to you.

Are you looking for the perfect gifts for the whole family? Why not save this post for later.

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