Best Party Cities in Europe | Europe’s Best Nightlife Destinations – A Backpacking Guide Across Europe

We all know you go to Europe for art, culture, food and history.

OK, And You go to the party. Fortunately, Europe is home to some of the best nightlife in the world (you’re in luck).

In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most popular party cities in Europe – but let’s be honest, you can have a good time in just about any city.

Europe’s Best Party Cities: The Four B’s

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the four Bs. BerlinAnd BarcelonaAnd Budapest, And Belgrade. These four cities are, according to many people, some of the best nightlife in Europe.

Berlin Germany

Many people consider Berlin to be the number one city for nightlife, clubs and all-out madness. The party never stops (and usually doesn’t start until after 1:00 AM).

The city has always been home to artists/musicians/other eccentrics thanks to its historically cheap lodgings – this has led to an “anything goes” attitude for just about everything. And the sheer number of huge abandoned buildings was a perfect setting to create an unparalleled nightclub scene. The party scene has matured a bit over the years, but you can still find plenty of underground clubs hidden throughout the city.

There are clubs for just about every subculture you can imagine (and many you’ve never even imagined), so you’re bound to find something interesting to you. Don’t worry if you don’t like dancing from midnight to 8:00 – there are plenty of low-key bars and restaurants for you to check out.

Oh, did we mention that food and alcohol are cheap, too?

So, yes, Berlin is a must-visit destination for people looking to relax and party.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

The nightlife in Barcelona is legendary. Even on a normal night, restaurants don’t fill up until after 9pm, so people don’t start hitting bars until late at night – and the dance clubs are still going strong as soon as the sun comes up. Drink prices tend to be fairly reasonable (except for the clubs of course), but expect a cover charge for the better clubs. Also expect to put some effort into your appearance (no shorts, baseball caps, etc) or else the doorman may not let you in.

But the city’s nightlight isn’t just about the clubs – there are plenty of bars and restaurants that will almost cater to your needs.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has a lot of things that are still relatively unknown to many travelers.

Budapest is famous for its ruined bars – huge abandoned buildings and abandoned outdoor spaces that have been turned into fun and quaint bars. Each ruin bar has its own funky decor and most of them have multiple rooms with different music styles/styles. And alcohol is cheap. It’s a wonderful experience.

Budapest is also famous for its ornate natural spring baths. During the day, people of all ages relax in these pool-sized bathrooms but at night some of them turn into a huge dance party (so don’t forget your bathing suit).

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is a bit off the typical tourist trail but visitors are rewarded with some of the best nightlife in the world. The nightclub scene has something for everyone and the prices are cheap. By the way, the people are great (like the models) and very friendly.

Honestly, you only need to get to Belgrade.

Europe Other major party cities

As we said before, there are many wonderful cities in Europe that know how to live at night. We’ve listed a few other more popular destinations:

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam may be more famous (in) for its café lounging, but it actually has a strong party scene. You’ll mostly find techno and trance music, but you’ll also hear other types of music if you’re looking for it. On the downside, don’t expect cheap prices because partying in Amsterdam can be expensive.

And if you have a thing for tall people, you’re in luck because the Dutch are the tallest people in the world.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another great party city. The city itself is great, the people are lovely, and the alcohol is cheap. Prices have been on the rise, but still much better than the Western European bargain. There are plenty of pubs where you can find beer at reasonable prices and if you are in the mood to dance, you will have no trouble finding clubs all over the city. Oh, and Prague is home to the biggest club in Europe – the 5-storey Karlovy Lazne Club. This city really has something for everyone.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is small, but it knows how to celebrate. Drinks are very cheap and there are bars and clubs all over the place – no wonder this is the best place for Europeans to throw a stag party. The locals are friendly and love vodka. Hint – you can’t outrun a Polish person, so don’t even try.

Warsaw Poland

While Krakow is known as a cheap destination for European hen/bachelorette parties, Warsaw is the place to go in Poland for the big dance clubs and fewer tourists. Of course, there are a lot of clubs and bistros

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos is famous for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere. It is also a popular destination for backpackers thanks to its affordable prices and active nightlife. You’ll mostly find smaller bars and quite a few dance clubs, so it’s a good choice for people who don’t want something as crazy as Barcelona.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm has broken a few pegs just because it’s too expensive to drink and get out. But, on the other hand, Swedish people are great, so maybe it’s worth the price. And let me tell you, these Swedes know how to party and their club scene is amazing. The guards stick to the dress code, so put in a little effort into what you’re wearing. Also, guys better bring some ladies with them or maybe they won’t come in the door.

Mykonos Island, Greece

Mykonos is another gill-filled, sunny party destination during the summer with little dressed visitors. If you want to party all day and never leave the beach, this could be the place for you. They can get pricey, so over-partying may break the bank.

Madrid Spain

While Barcelona gets the most awards for the best nightlife in Spain, Madrid also offers plenty of great options. Because let’s face it, Spaniards know how to throw a party.

Paris France

Paris is a city of glitz and glamour, so it’s no surprise that the nightlife reflects that. It’s home to a few high-end clubs, but there are also hundreds of bars, cafes, and restaurants. Paris also has a rich jazz scene, so this is an option if you’re looking for something different. Paris has a large student population, so there are plenty of budget options as well.

London, England

The rich and famous go to London to party, so it can be costly to visit the best clubs (and you better dress the part). On the other hand, there are plenty of low-key pubs and bars on just about every corner, so you won’t have any trouble having a great night out. London attracts the best of music, so it’s not hard to find an up-and-coming world-renowned DJ pumping great tunes all over the city.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza got top marks for great music, parties all night, lovely people, and beautiful weather. Did we mention it’s an island in the Mediterranean? Basically, the only reason you come to Ibiza is to party (which is good and bad…depending on how you look at Ibiza).

What is your favorite party city? Share it in the comments so that other travelers can enjoy the same experience!


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