Bungie’s HR chief is stepping down after reports of toxic workplace culture

Gael de Hondt has resigned as Bungie’s head of human resources after 14 years, according to IGN. The move comes shortly after the same publication published a report including accounts of former and current Bungie employees painting a picture of the toxic and sexist workplace culture. In some cases, HR staff were reportedly unwilling to assist complainants and effectively protected abusive individuals.

In her e-mail sent to the staff and see it IGNDe Hondt said she wanted to do “everything in… [her] The power to make sure everyone works [at Bungie] Enjoy a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. “It is imperative for the company’s HR team to move forward with a membership” made up largely of people new to Bungie, she added. DHondt did not say who would replace her, but did tell employees in the email that the HR team needs to “be trusted.” [their] Defenders – they are not labeled as “enablers” or seen as company resources that provide a safe haven to bad actors.” It is also unclear if d’Hondt is leaving the video game developer entirely or just moving into a different role.

The former head of human resources spoke about her own experience with an abusive person at the company, as well as: an executive she thought was her boyfriend. While she did not name the assailant, she said that Bungie eventually fired him. I concluded:

“I am proud of the work I have done at this company. I believe I made recommendations that were in the best interest of our employees and service to the company we would like to become. I also believe we made some mistakes, and for that to become the best version of ourselves – the company I know we can be We have to acknowledge it, face it in good faith, and grow together.”

While IGN’s The report showed the company in a less than flattering light, as well as how the studio is struggling to shake up its toxic culture in an effort to promote a better one. In response, the company’s CEO Pete Parsons released a letter of apology, acknowledging that “Bungie’s actions or, in some cases, its failure to act, caused these people pain.” He also spoke about the changes the company has made over the past few years to make it a better place for employees, including removing bad actors regardless of their “term, seniority, or personal relationships.”

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