Democrats press Amazon for details on hurricane warehouse deaths

Senators and House representatives including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Cory Bush sent a letter asking if company policies played a role in the deaths of six workers after a hurricane hit a warehouse in Illinois earlier this month. A severe weather event on December 10th killed at least 58 people across the Midwest. The fulfillment center was destroyed in the accident.

In the message he received , Democratic lawmakers claim that “Amazon puts workers’ safety at risk in both everyday situations and emergencies” and that the incident asked CEO Andy Gacy and CEO Jeff Bezos whether “Amazon’s policies may have contributed to this tragedy.”

Senators and delegates are demanding details of Amazon’s safety policies and information about workers at the fulfillment center on the day of the accident, and they also want to know if the company asked workers to stay in the warehouse in the face of a hurricane warning. The group — which includes Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, and Senators Bernie Sanders and Ed Markey — requested a response by January 3.

Lawmakers also expressed concern about Amazon’s reported plans to reintroduce a ban on workers using phones on warehouse floor. The company said it would allow employees to continue using the phones. Workers have requested access to their devices so they can receive safety alerts and stay connected during emergencies.

report from Bloomberg Last week between a delivery driver in the area and a dispatcher. The dispatcher told the driver to “continue to deliver” the packages, despite sirens and radar showing that a hurricane strike was imminent. Amazon said the dispatcher did not follow safety guidelines and that it should have directed the driver to find shelter. He is investigating.

Rep. Bush said, “Amazon’s profits should not come at the expense of the life, health, and safety of our community.” the edge in the current situation. “This cannot become the cost of doing business in America.” Two of the workers who died were Bush voters.

Engadget has contacted Amazon for comment.

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