Denmark pledges ‘green’ domestic flights by 2030

Denmark’s Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, pledges that the European nation’s domestic flights will be “green” by 2030. As part of her New Year’s address, she said (translated) “By 2025, Danes should have the opportunity to fly green on a domestic route.” She added that “by 2030 at the latest, we should be able to fly completely green when we fly domestically in Denmark.” It was part of a broader commitment by the leader to tighten action against pollutants and start a green transition in the country.

However, there are reasons to worry that such an ambitious deadline could be reached, given the lack of ready alternatives. Electric aircraft may never succeed, and hydrogen flight, while more promising, is nowhere ready to be flown into a major airline fleet. Not to mention that hydrogen produced only as a result of electrolysis, powered by excess renewable energy, can truly be called “green”. EnergyWatch He said Denmark’s perpetual policy of waiting for magic bullet technologies to come to fruition would not help it reach its international commitments on climate emissions.

However, Denmark has taken more steps than some countries to help shift towards carbon-neutral technologies. The country has already issued a strict deadline to finish oil and gas exploration and is a big player in the wind energy industry. At the beginning of 2021, it committed to building an artificial island that could collect and store energy from Danish wind farms, enough to supply 10 gigawatts. At the same time, the country is hoping any excess wind energy can be used to power the electrolyzer, helping it develop a gentler side as a guilt-free hydrogen producer.

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