DuckDuckGo offers a first look at the desktop web browser

Offer an early peek at the upcoming desktop app. In this year summarizing the company, CEO Gabriel Weinberg is looking to the future, too. He said DuckDuckGo will provide the privacy protection for which the company is known for the app. You can expect the speed and simplicity of the mobile app as well.

Strong Privacy Protection will be enabled by default for search, browsing, email, and more. Weinberg said the app is not a “privacy browser” per se, but “a daily browsing app that respects your privacy.”

As it did on mobile, DuckDuckGo builds the app using the rendering engines provided by the operating system rather than relying on projects like Chromium. According to Weinberg, this helped the development team “get rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter that has built up over the years in major browsers.”

Besides the simplified interface and fire button (which closes all tabs and clears browsing data in one click), the DuckDuckGo desktop is cleaner and more private than Chrome, Weinberg said. It’s also claimed to be “much faster” than Google’s browser, based on early tests – and hopefully Chrome is less of a memory drain. DuckDuckGo hasn’t revealed when it plans to release the desktop app.

Weinberg notes that over the past 12 months, DuckDuckGo has enhanced its search and tracking blocking features. He said the DuckDuckGo mobile app is now the most downloaded Android browser in major markets. In July, the company rolled out a free email forwarding service that removes tracking pixels from messages.

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