Endwalker’s hopeful message was in Final Fantasy XIV in 2021

Male Vieira - a rabbit-like species - as the player's avatar, the Warrior of Light, in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

He jumped softly and carried a large scythe.
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I’ve spent, I say, a agonizing amount of the past month with tears in my eyes–not for work commitments, or for personal reasons, or even really”Still in this global epidemic“Reasons. If anything, I was just doing it for fun, as I worked my way up Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, and the reasons why I made it so hard to make it a story worth ending another After a challenging year.

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Endwalker It is the latest expansion of the reborn MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, very popular game now Literally can’t buy it, with publisher Square-Enix fervently hoping there will be fewer people filling up login queues as players desperately hope to make their way through the long, winding story of the critically acclaimed game. Endwalker In particular, its creators described it as the culmination of an eight-year story in the making. Your character, a warrior of the noble Light, works to stop the long-predicted apocalypse known as the Last Days, and Endwalker Seeks to Conclusion of conspiracy themes, character arcs, and the secrets that have been woven fourteenthAn extensive and ongoing story since it was saved from shutdown and restarted in 2013 as world reborn. It’s all there: shocking transformations from a villain, heroic stances against certain doom, unraveling great lore, battles against gods, more gods, a story spanning eons of time, generations of civilization, and even the stars of the universe beyond the world Call your heroes home at the best part of the contract. Endwalker It is the greatest of the Grand Finals, a scale unlike anything else fourteenth I looked before. But it’s also incredibly emotional, and perfect for the endless moment we’ve found ourselves in for the past few years.

Endwalker Sometimes the most lovable of all Japanese RPGs, he fights God and defies fate. But its simplest truths are that, at the end of the day, under all the building of the world and the bend over the old plot threads, it is about hope, fighting the seemingly unstoppable despair. In the literal sense of the word, the climax of the game is about you and seven of your closest friends / random people lining up in a group finder who overcome a vivid embodiment of the concept of nihilism.

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Let’s step back from that particularly weird, but healing tip, and explain. about halfway EndwalkerIn the story line, you discover the true source of the last days – a catastrophe that, eons ago, brought an end to the human civilization that was named fourteenthThe world of Etheirys came home, and I saw it transform into 14 different shards in an effort to prevent it from happening again (spoilers: oops, it starts happening again, which is partly your fault? Don’t worry about that). Cataclysm is embodied in the mind of a sympathetic cell called Meteion, created by one of the most powerful wizards of an ancient civilization, who sets out in the universe beyond the Etheirys to search for life in other worlds, answering the simple question posed by its master: What purpose did those civilizations find in life? ?

The answer that Methion finds breaks her and her sister’s mentally connected bodies. Every different physical aspect of Meteion’s form was sent to the stars, it turns out, and they found worlds either lost to destruction or in the process of tearing themselves apart—each of their civilizations torn apart by despair as their own progress in attempts to create a utopian society, who, removed from suffering, ultimately condemned them. Overwhelmed by the melancholy of unspeakable ending civilizations, Methion transforms into a darker version of herself, mired in a nihilistic belief that the only way to end suffering is to end the existence of all life – and threaten you and your loved ones with the Etheirys as the apocalypse returns, a vision that sees the sky glow with color Red with meteors, people overwhelmed in desperation to turn into horrific monsters wreaking havoc, and general devastation. it’s not ideal at least.

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EndwalkerA novel’s story isn’t a particularly original argument about horrific novels, admittedly. Yes, it is strictly based on hooks and world building blocks placed Final Fantasy XIVHistory – even one that was left deserted when its initially turbulent version was rebooted as world rebornShe relies on her longtime beloved cast of supporting stars on The Descendant of the Seventh Dawn to bring some poignant moments from the character’s work to fruition that were unfolding through years of multiple expansions at this point. But it is very simple at its core: you face the end of the world, you go and stop it. But what happens along the way is what makes Endwalker Such a lively and emotional experience. Warrior of Light’s place in fourteenthThe player’s story serves as a vessel for the player to imprint themselves on, but also as a beacon of hope for the people around them. No matter the odds, no matter the losses, no matter what darkness revolves around your adventures, you have time and again stood by your friends, allies, and brought peace and justice to the world.

Endwalker He throws a figurative kitchen sink at you with his disastrous tale, threatening multiple times to prove that even your noble hero has his limits, time and time. Instead of persistence and persistence, with all of the superhuman sense of strength, love and support that entire nations of supporting characters deserve at your back. You crash, spiritually or physically, and rise again to the occasion, no matter how desperate you are, no matter how many stressful worries are weighing you down. So when it comes to the last battle, to confront the group of Meteions—to convince them, through your words, your strength, and the invitations of friends by your side, that there is reason to suffer along the path of life to affirm its joys and victories—you strike a blow at the bleak concept of nihilistic despair itself, avoiding the last days of standing Proudly as a shining light of hope in a sea of ​​darkness. It might just be a big raid battle in an online video game, but after hours of emotional wreck after emotional wreck, I couldn’t help but break down because I recently completed it and EndwalkerThe narrative made its last appeal—it was a surprisingly healing release of feelings whose story kept resurfacing over and over again.

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This catharsis is undoubtedly also informed by the world in which it is Endwalker issued in. FFXIVLike so many things in the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit. Patches of story content between last year’s expansions saw a late release schedule, and even Endwalker She came out herself two weeks later than planned. Even persistent issues around server overload have roots in the epidemic beyond the fact that fourteenth It’s becoming wildly popular as people stay at home and look for big, long-term toys to dive into – Producer Naoki Yoshida Apologize publicly (and profusely) Several times planned expansions of the server have been hampered by both a lack of supplies and a pandemic that limits personal business. But there’s also the emotional burden that we all carry, coming into nearly two years of trying to wrestle with a drastic change in the way we live. It was 2021 raw For a lot of people, including myself, especially the last few months. Escaping fantasy from real-world stress is nothing new (we’ve all been doing it lately!), but there is something about EndwalkerThe story of hope in the face of intense grief – and the question of whether all the suffering is really worth it – hit particularly close to home with the current state of our world. A tale of catastrophic hardships, communities and nations rise together to confront them. A tale of people who admit they are exhausted by hardship, but endure and overcome all that pain, loss and terror to bring the other side of it out with a sense of togetherness.

The trials and tribulations of the video game rarely, if any, match the trials and tribulations of the real world. But Endwalker Giving me the simple version of a literal stare in despair in the eye and slicing it to shreds with a machete the size of a warrior of light’s entire body was a welcome fictional tool in combating real-world stresses – all part fitting epilogue The current story of FFXIV, and each part is the appropriate conclusion until 2021.

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