ESPN and ABC are back on YouTube TV after a deal with Disney

YouTube TV’s battle with Disney ended as soon as it began. both of them hit Deal restores access to ESPN, FX and other Disney channels on the YouTube streaming service. ABC’s local stations will be back throughout the day (December 19), but you may already see access to any recordings of Disney-owned channels.

The base subscription price is $65 per month, but YouTube TV promised that “all affected members” will still receive a one-time $15 discount. The service said more details will come via email.

Disney Channels disappeared on December 18 after the media giant and YouTube TV failed to reach an agreement on channel transfer fees. As is often the case with such disagreements, each side blamed the other. Disney claimed YouTube TV “refused to come to a fair deal”, while YouTube asserted that it was defending viewers “on their behalf”.

This isn’t the only contention on YouTube TV about transfer deals. The service has traded blows with NBCUniversal and Sinclair, for example. With that, Disney’s battle may be one of the most important. Not only do channels like ESPN remain a major draw for live TV services — Disney could easily have funneled some of those customers into their Hulu equivalent shows. YouTube may have decided that any increase in costs (and potential price increases) was less painful than losing viewers.

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