Excerpt from Netflix 2022 Stop Motion Horror Anthology, Trailer

The family at The House on Netflix see their new home for the first time.

picture: Netflix / Nexus Studios

Whatever your age houses You are likely to be naturally scary, especially in the period when you are just You get used to living there. It makes the place a breeding ground for horror, thus excellent films like the original Sorcery or amityville horror, Or Mike Flanagan? stalking Offers. Upcoming Netflix Animation horror series the home He wants to explore this horror through three different stories, and each one seems pretty scary in itself.

We will see stop-motion selections People Moving to one house Indifferent time periods And you find that things are rather…stopped. Whether it’s bugs coming out of every corner or a giant baby Things Lurking in the shadows and ready to sneak up on them, the titular house Threatens to be consumed population and driving them crazy, if not completely physically harming them. Described as a “whimsical black comedy”, it appears to be half true –Maybe they hide the laughs behind those dancing crickets.

Produced by UK-based Nexus Studios, the directors are all experienced stop-motion filmmakers. Belgian brand team Emma de Suave and Marc James Royles (This wonderful cake!Directed by Chapter One, about a 19th century family looking to get their family names back; Chapter Two, about a present-day real estate developer who finds a home with unexpected guests, It comes from a Swedish director Nikki Lindroth von Barr (the burden); Paloma Payza (Paul apart) The third chapter closes things with the landlady Doing her best to renovate the house in the future A world that seems somewhat post-apocalyptic. The star-studded cast includes Helena Bonham Carter, Matthew Goode, Susan Wakuma, and Jarvis Coker.

Horror and animation are good friends, but you don’t see them every day on hiatus. Depending on how active you are in animation, the last thing you saw in that particular place would probably be paranormal Almost a decade ago. With how good Netflix has produced animation this year, that’s hope the home It continues this streak when it premieres on January 14, 2022.

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