Ford’s Extended Range F-150 Lightning has a massive 131 kWh battery pack

In a live broadcast last week, Ford quietly revealed the battery capacities available in the Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup, automatic evolution mentioned. First of all, the standard range model, which has a range of 230 miles, will come with a 98 kWh battery. Meanwhile, the optional Extended Range (300 miles target) version will have a massive 131kWh battery.

The Standard Range package will be the main offering in the first three of the four editions: Fleet-oriented Lightning Pro, XLT and Lariat. An extended range is optional on XLT and Lariat, and is standard on the higher-end Platinum model. Ford said that “the F-150 Lighting Pro will be available with the standard range battery for retail customers,” but it has previously said it will be available with an Extended Range option for fleet buyers.

Ford also revealed that power-folding mirrors will only be available on Lariat and Platinum models, and that the Tough Bed liner isn’t standard, but is an option on all trims. Other options we already knew include a high-powered 9.6-kW Pro Power system for the first two trims (standard on Lariat and Platinum) and a 15.5-inch touchscreen with Sync 4A, which is available in higher trim levels.

Ford has yet to reveal exact retail pricing, but has previously said the Standard Range Lightning Pro will start at $39.974 before any tax incentives for commercial buyers, while the Extended Range model (again only for fleet buyers) will start at $49,974. Retail prices are expected to start at $42,000 and go up to $90,000 for the Platinum model. That’s a little higher than the $28,000 base price for the F-150 ICE version, but again, most people pay much more than that on average.

Given the large battery sizes, Ford’s prices seem surprisingly reasonable. By comparison, the Hyundai Kona Electric has a much smaller 64kWh battery and starts at $34,000. We should know the exact F-150 Lightning pricing soon, as Ford said in the livestream that order banks will open in January 2022. Currently, it has 200,000 pre-orders on hand, and recently cut more reservations.

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