Fortnite faltered with players unable to access their accounts

If you have planned to play It is an electronic game todayAnd You may want to make other plans. aCurrently, many players are finding it impossible to log into their account and play games. It’s 1:13 p.m. ET, Epic Games He said She was investigating a “problem”, and promised to share more information once she had a solution to the problem.

Epic has not said what caused the problem. However, On the case’s website, the company describes the incident as a “major outage.” The same web page reports that the Epic Games Store is experiencing “degraded performance”, according to Downdetector, there are also reports of people unable to play GTA Online and access to Discord, but it is not clear if these incidents are related.

2021 has seen its share of noticeable internet outages. Just earlier this month, a problem with Amazon Web Services networks caused several websites, including Disney+ and Vice, to be inaccessible for part of the day. We will note here It is an electronic game Runs on the AWS background.


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