GeForce Now 120fps game streaming option available on Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 Pro has joined the list of devices that can now stream games from GeForce at 120fps and at 1080p resolution. So far, the only smartphones that support this option on NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service have been Samsung Galaxy devices, including the S21, S20 FE, and Note 20 phones. NVIDIA was confirmed on a support page, which was first spotted by XDA DevelopersPixel 6 Pro owners can use the 120fps option.

In October, NVIDIA rolled out a new high-end GeForce Now that’s powered by RTX 3080 GPUs. You’ll need to sign up for this plan (which costs $100 for six months) to stream games at 120fps. On PCs and Macs, the resolution tops out at 1440p but with the NVIDIA Shield, you can play at up to 4K resolution. The premium plan costs $50 for six months, so the RTX 3080 plan is a huge jump in price. However, you won’t need a cheat device to play titles from a number of PC game storefronts in high quality.

To use 120fps mode on the Pixel 6 Pro, go to the Streaming Quality section under GeForce Now in the app’s settings. You’ll need to make sure your monitor’s 120Hz refresh rate is active as well. NVIDIA says you’ll need a connection of at least 25MB/s for 120fps gaming. It also plans to bring the option to more devices.

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