Get a Remote Work Stamp from Montserrat (Montserrat Digital Bedouin Visa)

With Irish roots with friendly islanders, rainforests, and pristine beaches, Montserrat is a one-of-a-kind place. Fortunately, they have opened their borders to online workers who want more fresh configuration than they regularly have. Read our guide on how to get the stamp of working remotely (Montserrat digital visa for Bedouins).

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The Emerald Island in the Caribbean, Montserrat, was damaged by the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano in 1995. That was years ago, but it’s slowly rising from the ash. There may be a no-go zone for areas that are considered unsafe, but there is still a large portion for you to discover. You will really be in awe of this place!

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Montserrat Telework Stamp Fast Facts (Montserrat Digital Bedouin Visa)

Duration of stay: One year
Place of submission: Connected
Processing time: 7 working days

  • Single – 500 USD
  • Family – USD 750 for up to 3 people and USD 250 for each additional dependent

Call: Ministry of Communications, Energy and Labor [email protected]

Things you need to know about the nature of remote work in Montserrat

  • You must either
    • Work for an employer registered in a foreign country and contracted with them.
    • Practicing a commercial activity for a registered foreign company, partner or shareholder in it
    • Provide independent or consulting services to clients outside of Montserrat and contracts may appear with them.
  • Income is a minimum of $70,000 annually.
  • You will also need insurance with COVID-19 coverage.
  • Remote workers and their dependents can enter Montserrat; You will need to provide a
  • Declaration form at least 3 days prior to arrival.
  • You need a visa if you are from the following countries:

Montserrat visa required

Montserrat Seal Requirements for Telecommuting (Montserrat Digital Bedouin Visa)

1. Passport CV page – The passport must be valid

2. Passport size photo

3. Health insurance It should cover COVID-19. I highly recommend SafetyWing Remote Health Insurance; It’s great health insurance for remote workers and Bedouins! In addition, it accepts Montserrat as a country of residence covering COVID-19.

safety suite

4. Proof of work or work Business registration certificate with your name or business contracts with your employer or clients

5. Proof of annual income – Maybe your contracts or bank statements, you should earn at least $70,000 annually

6. Police record

7. Birth certificate – Optional, although it may speed up your character’s reference

8. Visa – If you are wanted

Additional requirements for people coming with family

Each family member must provide the following

1. Passport CV page – The passport must be valid

2. Passport size photo

3. Proof of relationship

4. School Entry Letter For students, if they are studying online

Photo by David Stanley CC BY- 2.0

How to apply for a remote work stamp in Montserrat (Montserrat Digital Nomadic Visa)

Step 1: Check if you qualify for a remote work stamp in Montserrat. If so, prepare your documents and check arrangements for how to go there.

Step 2: Apply online through their official website. Click “Start My Application”.

How to get a remote work stamp from Montserrat (Montserrat digital nomadic visa) 01

Step 3: Select the correct category, which is “Digital Nomad”.

Step 4: Write down all the required information.

How to get a remote work stamp from Montserrat (Montserrat digital nomadic visa) 02

Fifth step: Download the requirements they ask for.

How to get a remote work stamp from Montserrat (Montserrat digital nomadic visa) 03

Step 6: Double-check everything you entered before submitting your application.

Step 7: Pay the visa fee by credit card – Visa, MasterCard or AMEX.

Eighth step: Get the results of your application by email. If approved, congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nature of Remote Work in Montserrat (Montserrat Digital Bedouin Visa)

1. How will the application be processed?

Everything will be processed online.

2. How long can I stay?

You can stay for up to a year.

3. Is the visa fee refundable?

No, it is not refundable.

4. Can I enter and exit Montserrat?

Yes you can; However, please follow protocols such as the need for an “advertisement form” once you return.

5. Can I bring His Excellency to Montserrat?

Yes, please include it in your application.

6. What is the difference between a tourist visa and a remote work stamp in Montserrat?

Currently, tourists cannot enter Montserrat yet, and their stay is only limited. Remote workers and their families can enter the area.

Photo by David Stanley CC BY- 2.0

These are what you need to know and how you can apply for a remote work stamp in Montserrat or file Montserrat digital visa for Bedouins. With many pristine beaches, fun hiking trails, and friendly locals, you will love and adore this exotic place. Check out other countries that offer Digital Nomad visas.

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