Grant Morrison for “Superman Right Wing” banned

Old Superman searches the files of the power superhero team.

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since then Injustice gods among us She appeared in 2013 by taking on Superman as a tyrant, and man of Steel A look at a superhero who was more brutal than versions that came before, the idea that the Man of Steel is anything other than a shining beacon of hope was met with scorn. Those who hate this version of Superman really You don’t like it, and you can count on the comic writer Grant Morrison between them.

In an interview with Irish YouTuber Daniel V, Morrison talked about how they they were To DC Comics and more specifically, a file Superman and power Series from early this year. Originally, they weren’t interested in going back to the publisher, but Then Editor-in-Chief Dan Diddio I managed to talk to them in writing the green Lantern From 2018 and 2020, the same trick worked with the Superman book. The plan was for the book to be part of the “fifth generation” initiative – which new or recent characters were said to take on the mantle of well-known heroes, and has since been recast asfuture state“From earlier this year. And it was Superman’s plan… well, it was definitely something!”

Morrison laughed, “The idea was that Superman was now this super right-wing authoritarian, and that team formed the authority to take over.” They quickly dropped it, saying, “Superman isn’t a right-wing tyrant! That’s not how you do it… Please don’t make him a right-wing tyrant, that’s just Not Superman.”

Thus, Morrison and Mikkel Janine Superman and power Because they were worried that someone else might make Supes fascist. Their goal was to portray the “Man of Steel” as “like a father, but he has to make law sometimes, but only for the best of reasons.” If Morrison is okay and not “cheated” again, this will be the last book they do with DC, and they’re okay with that. As much as they felt like they had to work on the book to protect the character, they admitted they were glad it was their last project in DC.

In the past, Morrison talked about how they wanted to body To see Clark going through a midlife crisis. Having written the character in a different continuity, Morrison still finds a connection between them Different takes on personality. In their eyes, this is Superman body It ties in perfectly with the shirt Superman they wrote for work comics During the new 52 years before his eventual merger with the universe Mail-Crisis on Infinite Earths Self. “In the early years of Superman, I feel as if this is the same guy as Power. He was just a wild, punk kid, he just doesn’t care…I imagine [Authority] Being the old version of it. I don’t know if they’re all compatible, but in my head, they’re all compatible.” Whether they’re connected or not, none of Morrison’s Superman business will attempt to take over the planet, so at least there’s that.

Superman and power It is out now as hardcover.

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Correction 12/12/2021 at 3:23pm EST: This article has been updated to correct cases where Morrison has been referred to with masculine pronouns; Morrison has been a non-binary and has been practicing it since 2020.

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