HDMI 2.1 expected to be announced at CES 2022

Connectors are fairly standard. I would like a fourth (or more) HDMI connector

Buying HDMI cables can be really confusing. This is because, if you didn’t know already, there are actually different versions of HDMI ports and cables. The current standard is HDMI 2.1, but it looks like things are going to get more confusing because at CES 2022, the HDMI Forum will introduce a new version called HDMI 2.1a.

What this basically means is that this will be a revised version of the HDMI 2.1 standard. It will come with a new feature in the form of source-based tone mapping. This is a new HDR feature that helps offload some of the HDR tone mapping of the source, such as your computer, set-top box, etc.

The idea is that by offloading some tone mapping, rather than having to rely entirely on the output device like a TV or monitor, the workload will be shared which means that in theory, it should help improve workflow and help reduce lag times and better calibration For pictures and more.

In terms of what this means for end users, it looks like there may be nothing to worry about because according to the HDMI Forum, they say it will be possible for manufacturers to add support for HDMI 2.1a via a firmware update. However, when we see exactly which devices support HDMI 2.1a out of the box, it remains to be seen, or when already existing devices will be updated.

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