Here is a teaser for the Peacemaker to welcome the New Year

John Cena as a peacemaker, rolling in a classroom of schoolchildren.

What better way to celebrate the start of 2022 than with some violence and a bald eagle? As the clock neared midnight for the eastern hours, James Gunn dropped a new trailer for peace makerAnd the pop up from suicide squad John Cena National Champion. Instead of focusing on honorary character‘s conflicting spiritThis new trailer is all about that goofy violence and gentle sense of humor that the Gunn movie has happily indulged in.

Having managed to describe himself as a superhero after the events of the film, he calls the Peacemaker to work to help “save” the world once again. Instead of exchanging barbs with Idris Elba and hanging out with a shark man like last time, the Peacemakerer gives New table tennis crew oAnd who might just be unhinged as Task Force X. The most interesting of the castWell, other than the lovable Egley, of course – it’s Freddy Stroma Vigilante. Somehow, he managed to make the Peacemaker seem smarter. At one point on the trailer he was using a hacksaw, which seems like a bad idea. These two together would surely be an attractive double fool-proof act.

As with all humor, some trailer jokes It works better than the others. Putting Daniel Brooks’ Liotta Adebayo an extra shot at someone who’s already finished with the Peacemaker is a good gag, as is him when he’s throwing a grenade launcher at a crowd of enemies. Others like Vigilante Tortured aren’t terribly funny at the moment, but probably play better in the proper show rather than the isolated parts. But even if the jokes get hit or miss, it looks like the cast will have just enough chemistry to make that irrelevant: Cena and Brooks play each other really well, and Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt looks like she will. She’s fun as a person too good for the group of fools she’s burdened with. And if nothing else, it’s a show where John Cena jumps happily In the air as an eagle flies overhead. I didn’t know I needed that Until I saw him.

peace maker HBO Max will arrive on January 13th.

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