Honor’s first foldable smartphone will be the Magic V

Honor teased the launch of its first foldable smartphone, Magic V, on Twitter and Weibo. The former Huawei sub-brand called it “Honor’s first foldable flagship phone” and said it would be released “soon”, although the company did not provide an exact date.

Rumors spread about the possibility of the Honor device folding, especially after the company applied for the terms “Magic Fold” and “Magic Wing” with the Chinese trademark authority. The company’s CEO, George Zhao, said cnet In 2019 it was interested in building a foldable phone, while the previous parent company Huawei recently released its third generation foldable device, the Mate X2.

Other details are scarce, but common from electricity It was reported that Honor’s upcoming foldable phone will use ultra-thin glass with an 8.03-inch foldable display and a 6.45-inch external display. If accurate, that means it will be like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3 and not the Galaxy Flip 3. Being a flagship, it should have a relatively high-end processor and other parts.

Huawei sold Honor in November 2020 in order to “ensure its survival,” so Honor has been independent for just over a year now. Unlike Huawei devices, Google apps are available on Honor smartphones.

Along with Samsung, Huawei and now Honor, Xiaomi, Oppo and Motorola recently released different types of foldable smartphones. Google is also said to be working on at least one foldable Pixel device and recently announced an Android version designed for tablets and foldables.

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