“Horizon Forbidden West” reportedly leaked a month before its release

It is one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of the year. Just over a month before the RPG’s arrival, it appears that an unfinished version of the game has leaked.

according to And The construction includes everything that is major Forbidden horizon west Content, although some artistic assets are lost. Footage and videos of what was said to be the game surfaced on social media on Monday. Many of these were later From Twitter due to reports sent by the copyright holder, which indicates that the leak is legitimate.

While it appears Sony Interactive Entertainment has clamped down on the leaks and the design doesn’t appear to have surfaced on file-sharing sites, it’s sure to be another frustrating incident for the company. months ago Our last part 2 Much of the game, including scenes with spoilers for the main story, has been released.

So, if you are one of many Fans who are looking forward to the sequel, it is best to tread very carefully online for the next month or so. It may be helpful to mute some keywords related to Forbidden horizon west on social media or even to help you stay away from spoilers.

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