Huawei Watch D may track blood pressure, but there’s a problem

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Huawei’s next smartwatch may have integrated blood pressure monitoring.
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When I was a kid I was tagged with him Mom to the grocery store, I loved sitting in the blood pressure monitor booths. The chair was too big! I can press a button! He’ll fill a balloon that’s squeezing around my arm! I had no idea what the numbers on the screen meant, but I knew something technological had happened, and it got me excited.

It is said that Huawei Work in MinyaRurination cuff his blood pressure nConverted smart watch, the Huawei watch d. The concept is similar to the handcuffs you knowIt’s more complicated than sitting in a chair and letting the machine do the work.

According to one of the hours educational video Leaked on Weibo, tHuawei Watch D is coming collage With attachment that can be attached Down watch strap When you need to measure your blood pressure. You should Measure around your wrist to get the right fit, and the accessory will look bulky (as you might expect from something bouffant).

When in use, the accessory will swell like that grocery store Store the blood pressure monitor cuffs and then log the result to Huawei Health. to take a read, You are You should raise your arm across your chest to the left side, Although the organizers have not yet done so Explain that methodology.

It is said that the Huawei Watch D will do just that Measures high and low blood pressure, as well as taking heart rate readings and conducting an electrocardiogram, Which has become a more and more popular feature of smartwatches in recent years (see: the Apple Watch And Samsung Galaxy Watch 4). Watch D is rumored to be packing 32 MB of storage asecond abbreviation 4GB of memory, similar to what’s inside the Huawei Watch GT 3, another one of the brand’s fitness-focused smartwatches. It also supports externally connected bluetooth headphones.

However, this does not look like a real competitor to the Apple Watch. Instead, it appears that Huawei’s attempt Expand its business After the US government forced the company to Cut the relationships With everything related to Google and Android.

Smartwatches are slowly adding medical-grade health features, and Huawei Watching D isn’t entirely new to blood pressure monitoring. the Omron HeartGuide It had a built-in tip that shrinks and expands as you need, and it’s FDA approved. In our test, IThe t was also easier to use than a full arm cuff, although it wasn’t comfortable for everyday wear. And here’s the catch: Being able to monitor your blood pressure without an inflatable bracelet would be huge, and putting a diagnostic feature like that into a smartwatch would be even bigger.. But the accessory you have to attach to the watch to take blood pressure measurements doesn’t sound like an easy sell, even if it’s 100% accurate (which has yet to be seen). The price may also be a bit off the mark at around $470.

On Huawei’s social media accounts, comments about Watch D She oscillates between excitement for a new product from Huawei and hesitation about the cumbersome watch strap testing mechanism.

A smartwatch that can truly be a doctor on your wrist is the Holy Grail. But until the company proves the form factor, we’re not convinced that any device will be easier or more convenient to use than one basic smart blood pressure slap– And these days, those handcuffs You have easy to use apps, bluetooth, wifi and everything.

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