Hugo Awards face backlash for Raytheon sponsorship

Hugo Awards 2021 logo.

Annual Hugo Awards This weekend, a celebration of sci-fi and fantasy literature (and some change literature) that captivated the masses during the difficult year of 2021. But when creators got together to enjoy the accomplishments of their peers and were honored simply for being nominated, the awards show found itself under heavy criticism for one of the companies it had been sponsoring.

Specifically, the American defense contractor Raytheon Technologies. Founded in 2020 after the merger of Raytheon Corporation and United Technologies Corporation, its primary focus is arms For the military, it is one of the largest defense manufacturers in the world. (a Much of their revenue from the U.S. government.) The company announced its presence when the Science Fiction WorldCon was announced in Washington, D.C., where awards are being held for Raytheon’s Intelligence and Aerospace division as sponsor for a photoshoot during the red carpet event. The ceremony opened.

Among the science fiction author community, the reaction has been sharp. Most of the comments in the tweet above point to the gloom of war exploiters finding a way to capitalize on the celebration of the forward-thinking, speculative science fiction genre. Some were quick to point out that it’s just one arm of the company doing the sponsorship, but for many, the fact that a rocket and drone company primarily has an aerospace division is troubling on its own. It easily mentions how Marvel Comics planned “team form“With defense contractor Northrop Grumman in an effort” to focus on aerospace technology and engineering in a positive way. What happened instead was that Marvel canceled the partnership shortly after it was announced, and the intended This promotion was as in taste as it sounds if you know who Northrop Grumman is.

At the time of writing, DisCon has not yet talked about partnering with Raytheon for this event. For now, fans are left feeling sad that a night that was supposed to revolve around a genre they loved had to deal with a reality they hate.

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