Hyundai has reportedly stopped working on its own combustion engines

Currently, many traditional automakers are making the switch towards an all-electric transition. However, many are still developing and producing gas-powered cars, but if a report from the Korea Economic Daily is to be believed, Hyundai is actually making a somewhat drastic transformation by going electric.

The report claims that the Korean automaker has halted development of combustion engines, the ones you usually find in gas-powered cars. This was apparently confirmed in an email from Hyundai’s new head of research and development Park Chung-kook who told employees that they would halt development of the new engine.

The report states that there are about 12,000 people who were previously working on developing new engines, but are now being transferred to the electric vehicles division where they will work on developing the powertrain.

This is a pretty huge deal because it means that over the next few years Hyundai’s gas-powered cars will continue to use everything the company has already developed. It could be a difficult transition since not all customers want to adopt electric cars yet, so it can be difficult to convince customers to buy a new Hyundai that uses the same engine technology as previous models.

At the same time, this change may be beneficial to Hyundai in the long run, as with more resources and efforts to develop the powertrain, it can give them an edge over the competition.

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