Hyundai is said to have stopped developing new combustion engines

Hyundai has just released its first land-based electric car, but it’s apparently ready to leave its combustion engines behind. as Electric Reports Korea Economic Daily Sources claim that Hyundai shut down the engine design unit at the research center sometime this month. There will be some workers left to improve the existing engines, but the rest will move into the electric vehicle business.

The company is understood to be transforming buildings to develop electric vehicles at the same time. The Powertrain Development Center is now an electrical testing facility, and the Performance Development Center is now dedicated to electrified machines. A new battery development center is also in place, while researchers are now sourcing the raw battery and chip components.

The goal is simple as per the infusion. Hyundai wants to speed up the transition to electric vehicles, and that means devoting more of its energy to newer technology. New research chief Park Chung-kook reportedly said in an email that electrification is “inevitable,” and the transition will help produce cars that “dominate the future market.”

We have asked Hyundai for comment. A change in priorities would make sense, at least. Many states and individual countries intend to ban combustion car sales in the 1930s. For example, Hyundai’s home in South Korea has a climate plan that would ban combustion-only sales by 2030 and all combustion vehicle sales by 2035. Hyundai is already phasing out diesel engines. There would be little point in designing new engines that will only have a short time to market, and the company is likely to significantly expand its lineup of electric vehicles long before any government outage.

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