Instagram doubles the number of videos for 2022

When Instagram first launched, it served as a platform for people to share their photos, more like a social version than other platforms like Flickr. However, over the years Instagram has grown and evolved into more than just a photo sharing platform. It has become a kind of hybrid.

However, it really comes as no surprise to learn that Instagram will shift their focus more towards videos. In a Twitter post by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, he revealed that for 2022, the company will double its video efforts with features like Reels.

Video is not new to Instagram and the company has allowed users to post videos to their feed, stories, and via IGTV. Reels is the company’s latest addition and has been designed to help them compete against other platforms such as TikTok, which has gone viral over the past couple of years.

We imagine this could be one of the reasons Instagram is focusing more on its video efforts in 2022, so it will be interesting to see what kind of new features the company can launch to make it more competitive.

In addition to focusing on videos, Mosseri has also stated that it plans to target its messaging service in 2022, as they hope more people will be able to communicate with each other through it.

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