Instagram will give users the option to prevent others from including their photos

If you’re going to use a photo, photo, or video that someone else has created on your website, you usually have to get permission first, or at least give credit when the credit is due. However, due to the fact that some platforms like Instagram support embedding, embedding a portion of Instagram instead of the actual photo, this creates a bit of a gray area.

However, Instagram seems to have decided that it at least now gives copyright holders the option to decide whether or not they want their content included. This new option will give Instagram users the choice whether or not to allow the embed feature on their posts, meaning that if they disable it, third parties will not be able to embed their content on their websites.

This is thanks to the efforts of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and the National Association of Press Photographers (NPPA). According to Alicia Calzada, NPPA Deputy General Counsel, “We have been in touch with Instagram for over a year now seeking a solution to this issue. We are grateful that they responded to our requests to resolve this issue.”

Prior to that, there were publications that had legal problems due to the inclusion of images, such as Mashable which was brought in court for including an image. However, the court ruled that embedding an image from Instagram was not an infringement. There was also another case involving photographer Paul Nicklin, who won a copyright lawsuit against another publisher over an embedded video and screenshot from which he did not get permission.

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