It looks like Apple is rebuilding Apple Music as a native app for macOS

iTunes initially started as a music app where users could purchase music and store their songs collection as well. It was also used to transfer songs to the iPod, and over the years it has evolved as it is home to other features and functions, such as the software used to connect iPhone and iPad to computers, podcasts, and more.

This swelled the app to the point that Apple eventually decided to split it up into different stand-alone apps. Now according to a tweet from @basiliskblaze, it appears that Apple is reworking the music portion of the app to turn it into a native app for macOS devices.

For those unfamiliar, while the music part of iTunes was converted into a standalone music app, it actually kept the iTunes backend that primarily carried web content into the app, making it a kind of cover in the process. While it was more lightweight compared to iTunes previously, it wasn’t perfect.

According to the tweet, the latest macOS 12.2 beta release revealed that the Apple Music app now uses AppKit, the native macOS interface framework. What this means is that the app should be able to run faster and more efficiently once it’s fully converted into a native macOS app.

However, although it is in macOS 12.2 beta, we’re not sure if it will complete in time for the next update, but for users of the Apple Music app on a Mac, this might be an update to look forward to.

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