Jake and Netery will have adopted a human son

Jake Netery as he appeared in the original avatar.

Get ready to meet the kids.
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It took us so long to get Avatar 2– He will continue to take us So long to get next year—It makes sense for the sequel to deal with the fact of that The first movie Champions , Jake (Sam Worthington) and Netery (Zoe Saldana), It’s off on the screen long enough to get a file Much from children.

We knew for a long time-literally four years-which – which Avatar 2 will Introducing the family The duo have made for themselves in the 13 years since James Cameron’s original sci-fi adventure. Now this is Jake Permanently banished after the events of the original movie, he and Neytiri will have three biological children, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Dalton Britain), and Tuktirey (Trinity Bliss). But as Empire Magazine revealed today, they will also have an adopted human son, like Avatar 2 He attempts to explore the lingering racial divisions between humanity and the Na’vi after the human race arrived in Pandora and they were, in general, massive colonial ramblings about it.

Little Boy Miles, also known as Spider (played by Jack Champion), was so small at the time of the first film to be returned to Earth that he was taken over by Jake and Netery and raised as their own. or, ratherprevious verb, To the dissatisfaction of the latter. “Producer John Landau told Empire. “So you have all these dynamics at play.”

Jack stars as Miles Socorro.

Jack stars as Miles Socorro.
picture: Twentieth Century Pictures / Empire

“This time, we take Jake and Neytiri and build the most universal idea around them. Which is family. Jake comes from the human world, and Neytiri comes from the Na’vi world. So, they’re like a modern mixed-race couple, raising kids who probably feel they don’t belong.” to one world or another.

A lot has happened since then symbol picture He briefly dominated the pop culture space when released, it will be interesting to see the state of his world when the sequel finally drops – especially in the general attitude around After at least a few of them used the Avatar technique to ditch the human form and merge into the Na’vi. The Na’vi community may have accepted human transplants like Jake’s, but it will be interesting to see how he deals with one of the few human remains left on Pandora at this point. Sounds like: Not feeling well!

Avatar 2 It hits theaters in December 2022.

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