JOALI BEING launched the first immersive nature wellness retreat

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JOALI BEING, the first immersive wellness retreat in the Maldives, officially opened its doors on the secluded island of Budufushi in the Raa Atoll on November 15. Floor-to-table dining destinations, individual immersion programs and educational workshops, the resort draws on both modern science and time-honoured traditions to provide a luxurious, interactive retreat. The moment guests enter the resort, they rise up and be inspired by its design principles to preserve the local landscape designed according to the love-loving design principles.

Only 40 minutes by seaplane from Male International Airport, at the heart of their luxury philosophy, the four pillars are king mobile Mind, Microbiome, Skin and Energy – serving as a platform to personalize each individual’s journey. These pillars are at the core of each guest’s path of self-discovery and renewal to achieve what the resort calls a new sense of weightlessness and thoughtful ways to discover the true joy of living.

(credit: JOALI BEING)

With the aim of inspiring and igniting the deepest conscious bonds with self, each other, and its environment by strengthening our relationship with the surrounding natural world, our bodies and minds, every element of this island works together to resurrect specialized living spaces, opportunities and unique moments that give way to a wide range of possibilities.”

The 68 spacious and elegantly appointed guest accommodations are divided into 33 beach villas and 35 overwater villas, including one, two, three and four bedroom options. Each villa comes with their personal Jadugar, which means “skilled magician” in Dhivehi, and they are dedicated butlers who help personalize the experience for guests by making dining arrangements, holding meetings with well-being experts, and more. Its scientific system of integrating architecture, design with nature can be seen in the distinct interiors of guest villas that draw inspiration from beaches, sea waves, shells and green textures to deliver a comfortable and refined interior.

(credit: JOALI BEING)

JOALI BEING’s personalized programs, ranging from five nights to three weeks, begin with intelligent movement analysis and an integrated health assessment. After evaluation by the staff, they then began to design programs from all angles (strength and vitality, mental clarity and well-being, hormonal balance, gastrointestinal rebalancing and weight, restorative sleep and more) to ensure that the individual’s goals were met. Experts such as naturopaths, therapists, movement specialists and nutritionists are brought in to interact with each guest’s personal well-being advisors to reach their very best.

“The magic of JOALI BEING is that no story is pre-written and no itinerary is pre-set, rather it is a place where all visitors are welcomed, invited and encouraged to pave the way for their own journey of self-discovery and renewal, enabling guests to return home feeling relaxed and inspired Genghis said.

(credit: JOALI BEING)

39 elevated treatment rooms are spread across the island enhancing all-round wellness journeys for guests. These transformative spaces provide endless opportunities for reflection, movement, and growth. Arica features a spacious fitness facility and an overwater meditation platform while Core features private training rooms, a multipurpose studio, fitness room, and Ocean Sala. In Kaashi, guests will experience healing through water and calmness in a sensory deprivation room, and in Seda music and vibration are used for sound healing. AKTAR is the on-site herbal center where guests meet with the resident herbalist for their own special blend while the Discovery Sound Path is an on-site outdoor sound therapy oasis that matches the island’s natural rhythms.

JOALI BEING has also curated a variety of exciting water adventures and relaxing moments for feeding programs, wellness classes and more to offer each guest a unique journey while at the resort. At the Learning Center, guests can choose from a series of educational workshops and experiential classes, where well-being classes and workshops allow guests to explore mindfulness, nutrition, and health from the resort’s resident experts. Surrounded by a vibrant and unparalleled landscape, the resort encourages guests to indulge in the wonders of nature, immersive experiences, outdoor fitness routines, excursions, and exhilarating water adventures. For those who want a quiet moment for contemplation, the Inspirational Room is a well-stocked library ideal for expanding one’s knowledge during solitude and solitude.

(credit: JOALI BEING)

With a strong belief that what you put into your body is just as important as how you maintain and improve your true self, the culinary arts take the Earth-to-Table initiative. Guests are served sustainably sourced locally harvested food with offerings curated alongside the resort’s nutritionists, providing healthy and fun options.

At FLOW, JOALI BEING’s open-plan interactive dining space, guests can choose from three signature kitchens, Plantai serving vegetarian and vegan cuisines, Sue focusing on ocean-to-table seafood and B’Well including a selection from Earth -to-Table meals. Mojo is a tropical beach getaway set on a three-tiered sun terrace that is great for brunch and enjoying the sunset, and is also home to the SAI Tea Lounge, where guests can join tea ceremonies and learning sessions hosted by resident tea bartenders. For those who desire a more tailored dining experience, the culinary team can arrange meals either on a private sandbank, forest expanses immersed in nature, or in the quaint Turtle Treehouse.

(credit: JOALI BEING)

The resort has also launched several initiatives and partnerships to conserve nature and the surrounding landscape. It is home to one of the three turtle conservation sanctuaries in the Maldives, and it partners with EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific reference group, certification and consultancy for travel and tourism, on impactful long-term sustainability initiatives. Some of these programs are already being seen in the sustainability infrastructure located on the island and specifically in the resort with an on-site desalination water filling plant, rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling system, glass crusher, recycling, 1,750 food waste composting and plant waste shredding For composting, biological sewage treatment plant for safe discharge.

JOALI BEING’s starting rates start at $2,035 with a five-night minimum. For more information and to book a visit to JOLI BEING, please visit

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