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Perhaps this is a fact that we haven’t taken any international trips in a while. Or it could be the new spongy likeness that eight-year-old Tut has discovered for facts about the world. Either way, she was so excited to receive the new “Just The Ticket” travel-themed subscription activity package from Deliberate Travel.

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Deliberate Travel specializes in exercise books to help children aged 7-12 explore the history, culture and geography of different destinations from home. They’ve also launched a new subscription to Just The Ticket in time for Christmas 2021.

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What is the ticket only?

This year-round exercise book series takes kids on an educational adventure in 12 different countries. When you sign up, you get a travel package filled with everything you need for the trip, including your bus ticket!

Tutt was thrilled to receive her travel package, especially the passport and map, and couldn’t wait to try out her first business book in Lapland. This gives you a free taste of what’s to come.

In January, you’ll get postcards from Iceland, followed by Russia, Wales, and 10 other destinations throughout the year. Each card comes with a QR code to start the digital journey.

Parents scan the QR code using their smartphone to access the workbook online. I found this to be really easy with my iPhone and then dropped the link to my laptop where Tot goes to crack with the activities.

What does it contain?

When you sign up for Just The Ticket, you receive a travel package in the mail.

Map, posters, passport and postcards in the Just The Ticket . travel package

This includes:

  • A welcome message for you and your baby
  • A passport where you can register your virtual flight
  • A4 sheet of stickers for your passport
  • Four postcards
  • A world map that you can use to locate the workbooks you’ve completed or the countries you’ve visited.

After you sign up, a postcard is sent to you every month with a QR code for access to the next workbook.

There are six to eight activities in each workbook including:

  • printable activity sheets
  • puzzles
  • Word searches
  • and challenges.

If you’d like to learn more before you buy, you can sign up for a free Lapland book on the Deliberate Travel website.

What did we think?

Coloring berries in Lapland flag in front of laptop

Depending on the age of your child, you can prepare it with a workbook and leave it to him. Eight-year-old Tot needed more guidance on where to find additional information online, such as the colors of the Sapmi flag (it’s very colorful but the way).

I really didn’t mind sharing because I learned a lot with her. Workbooks are a great activity to do together and we don’t feel like the “homeschooling” we’ve all been afraid of in lockdown. It is more attractive.

Much of the information you need is included in the online version of workbooks with clickable information and popups, making it fun for kids to discover on their own.

Tut loved learning about Lapland and was looking forward to the next training book on Iceland.

how much does it cost?

If you buy Just The Ticket as a gift, it’s available for three months (£24.99), six months (£34.99) and the whole year (£49.99).

Here you can learn more about purchasing a Just The Ticket subscription for your child or as a gift.

Disclosure: A travel package and subscription have been sent in exchange for a benefit in Tin Box Traveler.

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