Kevin Feige Promises Spider-Man 4 Really Works

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It was the cinematic case of Spider-Man in amazing mess Back in 2019 after the success away from home. At that time, Sony and Marvel had a general split On Disney wants more box office profits from the MCU blockbuster set about wall crawlers, but that’s the ultimate deal arranged itself He gave us the just released box office juggernaut This is Spider-Man: There is no room for home. Now that this movie has come and gone and another chapter in Peter Parker’s life is about to begin, The fans were Beware if Spidey is no longer in the MCU. BKevin Feige has already managed to nip that in the bud: Yes, spider man 4 It happens, and there will be no interference in company policy this time.

“[Sony producer] Vig said in an interview with The New York Times. He takes comfort in saying it now because he doesn’t want fans to suffer “breakup shock” like they did in 2019, creating the hashtag to save Spider-Man. Echoing Fiji, Pascal said she “loves working with Kevin, and we have a great partnership…hope it lasts forever.” not long ago No way home , Pascal said that Sony and Marvel will collaborate on Another trio of movies, but for now, it’s wishful thinking and now focus only on immediately following up on There is no place for home.

So far, every Tom Holland movie has been pretty big in scope, with a huge CG lineup that includes drones and men from other universes. When asked about fronting Peter Parker’s latest global craze, Pascal focused on how that’s not the best way to think about making these films. “You can’t think of getting ahead of yourself in terms of the scene,” she warned. “But we always want to try to outdo ourselves in terms of quality and passion.” What’s key to these films, she said, is that they don’t lose sight of Peter being a normal kid who gets pushed into these bigger situations that will test his resolve.

won’t spoil the end of the movie here but No way home The ending gives the next movie (or movie set) some interesting avenues for a character that wasn’t entirely given to Peter when he first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. It’s a decision both Feige and Pascal are aware of, with Pascal saying it “gives us a lot to work with for the next movie.” Such a movie is so elusive, of course, and it’s always possible that it will come out before then. “When and where, of course, is the fun part,” Feige sneered, “and the part we don’t talk about.”

Spider-Man: There is no room for home In theaters now.

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