LAPD fired two officers who ignored thieves for playing ‘Pokémon Go’

in early time pokemon go The insanity apparently led to poor choices from two police officers. as Axios Stephen Totilo and BBC News In the report, LAPD is now known to have fired officers Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell for ignoring a burglary on April 15, 2017, for playing the augmented reality role of Niantic. Instead of answering a radio call demanding backup for a heist at Macy’s in Crenshaw Mall, the cops are said to have spent the next 20 minutes driving to catch Snorlax (an unfamiliar discovery in the game) and Togetic.

Lozano and Mitchell denied playing pokemon go They insisted they were only “having a conversation” about the game, but the camera in the car revealed that they had discussed the theft call and chose to ignore it. Another officer also saw Al-Terrad leaving the area after the call. Details emerged when the former cops lost an appeal that would have overturned the hurtful footage of alleged rights violations.

The crash came months after Niantic began discouraging drivers from playing, and it’s safe to say moments like this are less likely. pokemon go Demand slowed. However, this highlights the dangers of both the rules of augmented reality and the addictive gameplay – it can be very tempting to evade real-life duties when the virtual world is tempting.

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