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Stay One Class – A Puglia Traditional Style Ownership

When it’s time to book a luxury vacation getaway, look no further keep one Degree. The Stay One Degree business model is unparalleled in the holiday home market, as it is a community of like-minded luxury travelers backed by a social network with access to an exclusive selection of homes across the globe. Think LinkedIn for aircraft builders. Already established in the UK, Europe and Asia, Stay One Degree is expanding into the US market with the opening of its office in Miami with plans to develop additional offices over the next 12 months.

Staying One Class – an Architectural Masterpiece in Palm Springs

Since its launch in 2018, Stay One Degree has grown to more than 50,000 customers in more than 70 countries and offers an exclusive, unparalleled selection of over 3,500 homes in over 250 destinations. Due to the increasing demand, the company will be launching a range of unique and tailored experiences for its members such as From Coast to Desert: A Wellness Journey You’ll combine a week’s stay in Malibu with a private yoga instructor and chef followed by a private helicopter to Palm Springs for additional luxury experiences.

Stay One Class – Tree House Jungle Villa in the Brazilian Rainforest

Stay One Degree co-founders Jorge Munoz and Thomas Bennett see expansion in the United States as key to strengthening their company’s position as a major player in the luxury vacation home rental market. The business model sees each drug checked individually and pass 300 quality checks to ensure it meets stringent standards. On top of that, potential members are verified, allowing essential peace of mind and a sense of security unheard of with similar companies. Fortunately, you don’t have to own a vacation home to rent a first-class home. You simply have to apply to join the community to become a member. Co-founder Jorge Munoz says the idea was born when he realized there was something comforting about having a trusted global network of friends renting out one of his homes while he was traveling by himself. Munoz says: ‚ÄúStay One Degree is a unique platform that brings together a community of like-minded travelers where all homes and guests are screened to ensure total confidence and a seamless all-round experience for our guests. We select each home in our portfolio individually, and our criteria are simple: Do we like to Shall we stay there ourselves?” states Munoz. When choosing a Stay One Degree property, you are not only within a vetted community within your respective network, but you will also reside in the most luxurious and unique properties worldwide.

Single Class Residence – 6 Bedroom Chalet in Telluride, Colorado

local characteristics

Here are a few selected properties that give an overview of what to expect with Stay One Degree:

Palm Springs, CA – A contemporary hilltop architectural masterpiece in Palm Springs

Dillon Beach, CA – A gem of a hillside with incredible ocean views

Joshua Tree, California – Wonderful unique desert home in Joshua Tree National Park

Catskills, NY – Stunning Creekside Farmhouse with stunning contemporary architecture

Montana – A unique house consisting of five silos nestled among acres of farmland

Telluride, Colorado – Spacious chalet with views of the San Sophia mountain range

Salt Lake, Utah – Contemporary Indoor Ski/Ski Chalet in Iron Mountain

Stay One Class – a restored monastery and spa amid the Tuscan hills

International Real Estate

Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa – Hilltop getaway with panoramic views

Puglia, Ostuni Region – Brindisi traditional style property

Tuscany, Grosseto region – a restored monastery and resort amid the Tuscan hills

Courchevel 1850 – Fabulous ski chalet with luxury spa facilities

Verbier – a stunning chalet of unparalleled location and size

Stay One Class – A one-of-a-kind desert home in Joshua Tree National Park

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