Marvel announces Captain Carter comic series

Captain Peggy Carter's crop of cover for Captain Carter #1, drawn by Jimmy McVeigh.

picture: Marvel Comics

after what if …? the first episode Giving the world a version of Peggy Carter who took Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers, fans really shone with this version of Haley Atwell’s character. With this iteration of Peggy He is also set to be the show’s lead The final sophomore seasonIt’s not a bad leap to popularity for a hero It was originally created for mobile game. It was only a matter of time before Marvel started tapping into the popularity of Captain Carter, and this spring, it will finally happen.

announced yesterday by marvelAnd Captain Carter It will be a five-issue miniseries that sees Peggy deal with an ancient enemy that has emerged in the modern era and adjust to her new life outside the ice. Submit art to the book will be Star Wars: Doctor Avra Marica Christa and Jimmy McVeigh From Young Avengers And divine evil Fame will be written. Like Captain Marvel and Mrs. Marvel previously, McKelvey also provided the design for the Carter costume you see below.

The concept art of Captain Carter in her upcoming solo comedy, illustrated by Jimmy McKelvey.

picture: Marvel Comics / Jimmy McVeigh

Describing himself as a big fan of Carter, McKelvey expressed his delight at bringing the breakthrough character to the comics. As with Steve, part of the struggle will arise from having to live up to the world’s perception of her. “The world remembers the legend of Captain Carter, but for Peggy it was only yesterday the truth. Now she finds herself in a new, almost unrecognizable world, how does she fit in? Could she be the superhero that people want her to be?” McKelvie is happy to explore these questions. and embodying Carter’s world, praising Cresta’s art for bringing energy to Carter and his supporting cast, and “stellar” action scenes. (This means that we will probably Get a comic version of winter soldier elevator scene, the correct?)

Captain Carter #1 It will be released on March 9, 2022.

A cover of Marvel's Captain Carter #1 by artist Jimmy McKelvey showing Captain Peggy Carter exploding from a newspaper.

picture: Marvel Comics / Jimmy McVeigh

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