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Neo and Trinity standing in front of a burning car.

Neo, Trinity, time to dive deep.
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to watch Resurrection Matrix It’s like eating a huge meal on vacationto. You love it, but you need a few minutes to digest it. Well, that time is over. Last week, we posted how the book was shared David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon joined the project with friend and collaborator Lana Wachowski, and what they had to say about some of the biggest spoilers and questions.

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What did Lana Wachowski know about the upcoming movie?

It was Warner Bros. She asks Wachowksis to make a new car matrix A movie since the third movie revolutions issued. When Lana Wachowski finally decided to tackle the matter, she walked in with some general ideas to get started.

“She had an idea for the opening scene,” Haimon told io9. She said she saw that opening scene in her mind in the middle of the night, one night in Chicago, and she described it to me and us. This archetypal small world that Thomas Anderson, New, built for himself to be reminded of what he may have lost and what he once was. In the end, out of this world, Morpheus comes.”

What are some of the hardest scenes to crack?

resurrection It has a lot of moving parts, from the new Matrix and the real world, to clips from old movies, new characters, old characters, supplemental story lines, new stories, etc., so we wondered, out of all that, what was the hardest thing to correct.

“There were quite a few conversations about the model, about the opening,” Mitchell said. “The opening scenes, where it looks like we’re back in the late ’90s, and we’re back in the beginning of the first movie, where we can cut the cake and eat it with these hints. But then once we zoom in on the present, make it crystal clear what just happened. So I suppose how to illustrate the complexity” .

“This was difficult and was also the transition from this typical universe, the model universe to the world outside, which is also kind of a model universe in itself,” Haimon added. “We were worried that this might become confusing if we weren’t careful. And then this transition was worked on and the logic of that was discussed a little bit.”

Morpheus in a yellow suit.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus, but not this one.
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Was the new Morpheus always part of the plan?

where resurrection Set 60 years after the events of the past matrix, that Laurence Fishburne’s character is gone makes sense. But, if for some reason the actor does not want to return, this would also be a great solution. So we asked if the idea of ​​recasting the role, as well as Agent Smith (formerly played by Hugo Weaving, now played by Jonathan Groff) has always been a part of it.

“New Morpheus was there from the start,” said Heemon. “We knew Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss would be involved. Without them, this thing wouldn’t have been possible. But the other thing, during my short career in films, I’ve learned that making films, it’s a world of contingency. And so people may log in or not, as You know, or if they sign in, some things might change. So we wrote some roles, and I’m not going to give it up, but we wrote a character for someone we thought would play it. [it] And then that was not possible. However, we did not radically change anything, but only imagined this actor in the role. Then it turns out that wasn’t possible, but we didn’t change any lines with that. So this actor is still registered for the role.”

Wait, are you talking about Agent Smith?

Follow up on the previous answer.

There were preliminary talks [presumably with Hugo Weaving] And so we didn’t get involved with them in dealing with people, but it wasn’t completely resolved,” Hemon said. “Because the premise the matrix And [this] The movie is somewhat different, Agent Smith was different in some ways, regardless of who turned it on. And Jonathan Groff is amazing in this role. It added a dimension that I couldn’t anticipate while writing. But there is an emotional emotional surge in the film and so it fits into that pattern.

Was there any opposition at the opening of the meta, being joked about Warner Bros. itself?

Resurrection Matrix It begins with the revelation that Thomas Anderson runs a large game company that makes games, not movies, called the matrix. And now it wants its parent company, Warner Bros. , a fourth game… which he doesn’t want to do. The whole thing seems like a pretty obvious comment on Wachowski’s personal feelings about making this movie, so we asked if it was specifically about any concerns or if Warner Bros. I have refrained from making fun of her.

“the fear. I think that’s a fair word, said Mitchell. “And I think the fear escalates to the general existential anxiety of Thomas Anderson. [As for] any crapping [on Warner Bros.]Of course, this is done with respect and affection. In the most legal sense possible with respect and affection. But yes, I think fear is a fair word. It was a big step.”

“It was,” Haimon added. “It’s also that David and I are just writers, and so I’ve never met anyone from Warner Bros. until these interviews were arranged.” (“Same here,” Mitchell interjected.) “So if there’s a reaction, we haven’t heard of it before. Lana protects us. But I also think they were so excited that Lana was going to make the movie, why would they back off? At that time for sure.” Maybe later. But anything, just make that movie.”

Lana Wachowski poses during filming.

Lana Wachowski on set.
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what do you finish Resurrection Matrix I mean for the participating writers?

At the end of resurrectionNewborns Neo and Trinity, now full power in the Matrix, say they’ve got another chance. We asked the writers if that other chance referred to their love and life together, or to freeing all of humanity from the Machines and the Matrix, which they failed to do the last time.

“Well, love will set the real world free, so both are,” said Heemon.

“Yeah, you define the two options really well, and it doesn’t have to be either/or,” Mitchell added.

Will there be more matrix Movies?

Whether you interpret the ending as Neo and Trinity living happily ever after, or that Neo and Trinity will continue to fight for all of humanity to be set free, the story leaves itself open for more chapters. So we wondered, were there any conversations about where the story could go next?

“Well, we haven’t talked about that,” Haimon said. “It’s too early, for sure, for us to get involved in that. There are a lot of things that have to happen. So far, that is it.”

“That’s the situation, as far as I know,” Mitchell added. “But of course, who knows what will happen in the future, question mark dot. But as far as we know, there are no plans.” (It’s worth noting that Lana Wachowski herself gave a “no” at the premiere when asked if there would be a sequel.)

Resurrection Matrix Now in cinemas and on HBO Max.

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