Microsoft Surface Laptop SE Teardown shows how to DIY repair

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

screenshot: Microsoft Surface / YouTube

When Microsoft released its first Surface devices 10 years ago, people were quick to draw comparisons to Apple products not only because of their simple beauty, But also because it was impossible to fix it at home. For years, these machines have been so hard to break that trying to do so It was as dangerous as playing process Blindfolded.

We knew we didn’t even bother to replace or exchange parts thanks to a third-party repair site iFixit, which systematically rips products into their individual parts and gives them a degree of repairability. Microsoft scored points and zeros for several years, until finally listening to enthusiastic customers and adding an easily accessible SSD door to the Surface Laptop 3. While it stopped making Surface products officially user-upgradable (self-service is at risk of voiding the warranty), the changes were welcomed. Snap.

Now, thanks pressure from shareholdersMicrosoft is taking another step to help Users do DIY repairs on Surface products. THe’s the official of YouTube Surface account today Mutual A teardown video of the Surface Laptop SE, a $250 budget laptop designed for elementary school students.

8This one-minute clip shows how easy it is to access the interior of the Surface SE with basic tools like the T6 Torx screwdriver and tweezers. By the end, every major component that might need maintenance is safely removed from the chassis.

Microsoft would likely choose the Surface Laptop SE because it’s built specifically for schools, where devices can be littered, covered in liquids, or filled with photos, videos, and/or boring homework online. The cost of taking multiple laptops for repair (or to exchange a storage drive) after the warranty has expired is a financial burden that schools can avoid by asking the lab tech teacher to perform those repairs instead. or If they are old enough, by giving students a recent (and more useful) version of Animal Anatomy.

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

screenshot: Microsoft Surface / YouTube

Microsoft is still not ready to commit to making these fixes Fall under warranty The company recommends that you “seek professional help to repair the device and be careful if you undertake do-it-yourself repairs.” This is a friendly way of saying that the company is not responsible if anything breaks in the process, and that your warranty will likely be voided.

However, efforts to facilitate repairs for end users stand in contrast to Apple’s war on Right to movement repair, which is the pressure that eventually forced the company to allow customers Perform their iPhone and Mac repairs.

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